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Easiest Class to Score Kills in PVP

Hey guys i wonder which is the easiest class to score kills in pvp and which class atm overperforms in pvp?
  • ExcaliburESO
    Xaxa :D yes but im wondering which class is the most overperforming for pvp (ez pz mode) atm!
  • ExcaliburESO
    Interesting, also i like the option to outnumber my enemies 5to1 but i play in duo so stamblade is not good for 1vX?
  • ak_pvp
    Mag/stamblade for solo OW, quick kills, quick escape, best defense, stamina warden is good for it too, and very tanky. Leeching executes from the back of zergs, sorcs, 2 autoexecutes, one skill that pops under 25% and one that RNG pops under 15%, the RNG is generous too.
    MagDK main. PC/EU @AK-ESO
    Best houseknight EU.
  • Thunderknuckles
    Interesting, also i like the option to outnumber my enemies 5to1 but i play in duo so stamblade is not good for 1vX?

    If you're up against a tiny group of potatoes and you're 300 or more CP above them, yeah. Stamblade has a high learning curve. Once you're good at it you can keep a group of players very busy looking for you, but if they lock you down it's via con Dios. But take on and defeat more than 2 players on level with you with PvP gear and builds? Nooooo, not easy at all. StamWarden, yeah.
  • DuskMarine
    sorcs and magblades with a heavy attack or bomber build they overperform so badly that one can one shot a person and the other can rip them to shreds.
  • Lylith
    Blanco wrote: »
    Jailbirdy wrote: »
    Any class that plays against Aldmeri Dominion is by far the easiest....

    100% true. AD is the faction realization of pure garbage

    assuming you ignore the existance of ep and dc, perhaps.

    they're ***. less than garbage.
  • Kelces
    Currently I would say stamina warden, close to magicka sorcerer. I'm not 100% sure, but probably with the next content, warden would fall back a bit.
    You reveal yourself best in how you play.

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    Jurupari - Argonian Warden
    Kú-Chulainn - Argonian Sorcerer
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  • Morgul667
    Id go with stam warden or mag blade

    Stam blade is very good but harder to survive
  • Thunderknuckles
    Sevn wrote: »
    Do NOT listen to anyone saying stamblade, they are salty pvper's. NB's have the hardest learning curve to actually be any good. Stamwarden would be your best bet or a sorc which has the easiest time doing anything.

    Da TROOF! I play a stam NB and have become fairly adequate at it after about 6 months of PvP, but it's primarily a 1v1 class. Totally agree. StamWarden or Sorc would likely be best.
  • Asgari
    Stamina NB best solo killer, stamina warden best class pvp!
    Formerly @Persian_Princess .. Now @Asgari
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    Asgari | NB
    -Asgari | Stamplar
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  • geonsocal
    mag sorc, followed by a bomb blade...
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  • Voxicity
  • Koensol
    Vaoh wrote: »
    Kalante wrote: »
    all people saying stam nb. If you are fighting one person or a group of potatoes yes. You will be disappointed against good players and a group that actually knows how to play the game and put curse on you, power of the light, mark, SA. If you are a bowtard stam nb you will get a lot of kills but for the wrong reasons because lethal arrow is a really bugged skill were people can not hear it and all of the snipes hit at once rendering any counter play impossible.
    Being perfectly honest, why tf is Snipe STILL so freaking buggy?? Like it’s legit game breaking how buggy it is yet it has always been this way. If there was a choice I’d rather have it removed from the game than stay as is, because apparently ZOS cannot fix it.
    Agree. I hate nothing more than markspamming snipetards that hit you with 3 invisible snipes that cannot be heard either.

    As for OP's question. If you are anywhere near decent and know the game's mechanics, I would say stamblade is easiest to get kills (not counting the broken lagsnipers). Otherwise stamwarden is in most aspects the easiest to play.
    Edited by Koensol on April 28, 2018 8:57AM
  • Didaco
    I'd say Stamwardens and Stamblades.
    Stamblades have the burst and LoS at will while Stamwarden just never die, deal good damage and they synergize too well with a coordinated group.

    Magsorc if you're in a good group: basically sticking all together and placing Mage's Fury as soon as you see someone red.
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