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First vDSA completion!

We’ve been trying for about a year to complete Dragonstar for a friend who needed the Master’s Bow to complete his build. So a handful people from our guild have had a hand in our run through a and ultimate success. The first couple of tries, we couldn’t get past the 2nd stage because our dps wasn’t high enough yet. Once we got past that though, we didn’t have an issue until the stage 7. We had tried a variety of styles and characters to get through the stages but eventually passed stage 7, 8,and 9. Then there was the final stage. Our tank had no problem in that stage, but our nightblade dps and healer were too squishy to survive all the fire and our other dps had bad internet connection. So we were unable to complete with that group.

We discovered however, that our specific group performed much better when we all got on our strongest werewolf characters. We had better survivability, mobility, damage, and sustain. So this past weekend, we tried that strategy until we eventually beat it! Through trial and error with this tactic, we discovered exactly what needs to be done during each part of the battle: when to kill the atronachs, when to change islands, that we need to separate the healing boss from the main at the end of the fight. We have had major success running all werewolves through the hardest content and we knew that vDSA would be easiest for us in werewolf form. After it was all said and done, everyone was able to get the weapon they wanted, including the Master’s Bow!

Here’s a video of the final boss fight:

What were the hardest stages for you to complete and what weird tricks did you use to eventually beat it?
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