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[Xbox] [NA] Guild forming Core Group for Vet Trials

T&R OneThousand Raids
T&R is now looking to fill out our core teams for two weekly vet trial groups. One of the two core teams is most likely going to be changed into a dedicated veteran Maw progression group in the near future. We’re looking for seasoned players hitting a moderate level of damage but that primarily are interested in the teamwork. We are shooting for a guild that really isn’t elitist, we just require that you understand the basics of the game thoroughly enough that we can help you reach that last bit of potential. For inquiries into joining our guild please contact DracoCeler through Xbox Live.
  • Apache_Kid
    Hey I'm interested but couldn't find that Gamertag on Xbox. Mine is iTz John Locke if you could contact me.
  • Davesavetheday
    Im interested, my gt is Davesavetheday.
  • mikey_reach
    Im interested Lorebookz
  • Borrack
    Stam DK tank LF Hel Ra Citadel runs. If you plan on running that trial I'm down, I'll run other trials too so long as we do Hel Ra sometimes. Gamertag is JRockinRollo
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