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Who does your character pray to? What do they say?

  • boggo
    All my characters pray to the mighty god ZOS. They pray to the mighty ZOS that Summerset Islands drop very, very soon!
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  • Chrlynsch
    I'm Hircine...sooo myself.

    Hard to pray to Hircine, when he goes missing for half a year ;)

    Good to see you around again.
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  • Exalted_Outlander
    I'm Hircine...sooo myself.

    Holy moly you roleplay as Hircine? Wild.
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  • phermitgb

    best fantasy prayer to a "god" ever...

    so much so that I went to some effort to memorize it so I could quote it verbatim on demand :)

    that being said...elder scrolls doesn't have a mid-range aedra that I like to pray to (I take my fictional pantheon from DND mostly, and Saint Cuthbert is my all-time hero, and ESO doesn't really have an equivalent that I can see), so I just skip all the way to the top...

    so, for my characters that pray at all, it's Anu or bust (I'm a firm believer that you always pray to the ALLFATHER god as opposed to the individual categorized dieties, unless there's a particular category you feel gets under-represented)
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  • TelvanniWizard
    Praying´s good for none.
  • Lynx7386
    My five khajiit:

    M'asad, magicka nightblade healer, is a master wizard who openly follows magrus (Magnus) the god of magic, but is secretly a servant of sangiin (sanguine), the blood cat and god of murder. He is a member of the dark brotherhood and takes contracts to appease his blood magic.

    Pakhet, magicka dragonknight tank, is a wild mage (cannot control her magic) and follows mehrunes dagon, prince of destruction, though in unknown company she posits herself as a servant of alkosh, the dragon god.

    Bastet, magicka templar healer, serves azurah and mara. Azurah lends to her balance between light and dark and the impact of the moons on all khajiit, while mara lends to her caring and nurturing personality and ability to heal.

    Leonin, hybrid warden tank, follows hircine and nirni, portraying the the two sides of his personality: serene nature magic, and feral animal magic. He is also a shapeshifter due to hircine's gift.

    Raksha, stamina Sorceror dps, worships Khenarthi, goddess of winds and storms, and gains many of her abilities from that connection. She also secretly follows rahjiin the footpad, and is a master in the thieves guild.
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    Leonin - Khajiit Warden - Tank
  • Marginis
    Kha'jiri: Khajiit is... not exactly atheistic - there are gods, and they are very powerful - however he does not exactly... pray to them. He makes deals with some Daedric princes, he has met some more powerful beings, if only in incorporeal form, but worship seems... unhealthy. This one tends to avoid things that are cult-like. However, this one is friends with many who pray to a divine entity and are not unreasonable. Except for the Nightmother. That one is crazy. A crazy good friend! *falls over laughing at his own bad joke*

    The Nightmother: Hail Sithis.

    Ma'iq: This sweetroll is divine! This one can pray to a sweetroll, yes? It will grant this one the blessing of deliciousness. *mouth full* Sough, defishush *swallows* Best worship ever, anyone would agree.

    Zoor Do Kest: I worship my ancestors. It is through their name, with their will, that I have purpose, and I serve that purpose.

    Damia: Azura, the lovely and divine, obviously!

    You: My story is a long one... suffice it to say, I don't worship any one or any thing. I have had a rough journey, and dealt with more than my share of Daedra playing at god, and gods doing nothing. Worshipping is not worth my time, nor is it worth anyone's. Everyone learns eventually.

    Jane Shepard: What? Gods? What are you talking about? Magic? WHAT!?

    Kintyra: My clan always followed the dragonborn, and they were the focus of our attention, I suppose. I do like the gods *eyes look up, wandering* but I don't favor any particular one, I guess.

    Oghren Thickhammer: Haha! Hircine is my god! Great guy, once ya get ta know 'im!

    Archaeologist: Why, I pray to the divines, you idiot. Doesn't everybody?

    My other characters haven't developed this far yet, I suppose.
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  • Kalgert
    I have characters of different religious believes:

    A Dunmer lass of Vvardenfell who secretly has faith in Azura (But doesn't have it public knowledge), another Dark Elf who believes in whatever suits him at the moment (As he's a mad prophet fellow), an Imperial who reveres Akatosh (Which is ironic given he has a nasty and violent reaction to being set on fire), and finally an Altmer who reveres Meridia.
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