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Who does your character pray to? What do they say?

In a few of the quests in-game, there are some sections that require your character to pray (such as the quest in which you have to travel to 4 corners of the Summerset Isles and pray for someone's deceased children). When doing this, what does your character say? To whom are they praying to?
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  • Kierro
    It depends on the situation. My Argonian: Spells-in-Shadows, like many Argonians, prays to the Hist. All are welcomed by the Hist, even the dryskins, should they wish. There's some who disagree, because outsiders usually use the Hist for selfish reasons.

    If Spells sees a dead Argonian: "Hear this one's prayer, Great Hist. Help guide this soul back to you, so they may find peace."

    Non-Argonian dead: "Whatever gods this soul worshipped, may you welcome him/her back. And should they wish to join with a Hist, may the Hist give them peace.

    As a Shadowscale, he naturally has a deep, if a little fearful, respect for Sithis. But when he comes across a Hist in his travels, he'll ask for a long, healthy, life. As well guidance during troubled times.
  • Kiara
    You can roleplay that in your head however you want, my characters pray to different deities depending on race. My argonian prays to Hist the same way as @kierro mentioned above, my Imperial main prays to Zenithar etc.

    But bear in mind that few quests in game require you to pray to some certain entities, like in Stonefalls quest you have to pray to Dunmer ancestors to summon them. It really depends on the quest.
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  • Kierro
    @Kiara Prayer doesn't necessarily equal worship. Argonians could be seen as agnostic (or atheistic), because they have no god(s). However, they have respect for Sithis and the Hist, but in general, don't worship either. So the prayers you do for quests are done out of necessity, not worship of that deity.
  • Asardes
    Nope they don't. Since they read "The Aedra Delusion" and "The Tribunal is not Great" lore-books they've become avowed atheists :smiley:
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  • RANKK7
    My characters are very devoted to Mara and Stendarr, otherwise I delete them. Even the Dunmer.
    "I really don't know who the **** came off with this change. Definitely somebody who does not play the game, that's for sure".
  • Zilvarael
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  • DoctorESO
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  • BrainHigh
    My breton raised Khajiit is a strong worshipper of Sheogorath.
  • uGGo7
    My dunmer prays to Azura for guidance and strength. He is a devoted Azura worshipper and he mostly prays "aloud" to her in moment of doubt or hardship
  • Ratzkifal
    My Namira worshipping Bosmer thanks the lady of rot and decay before every meal for the gift of disregard that allows her to remain unnoticed by society.
    I avoid quests where my character prays to other deities and if I don't I regard that as not-canon ^^
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    This Bosmer was tortured to death. There is nothing left to be done.
  • pattyLtd
    My characters dont talk nor pray much :)

    Not great listeners either. Just run off when some god is talking to them :/
    English is not my native language, no grammar police please, tyvm
  • DoctorESO
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  • Lynnessa
    RANKK7 wrote: »
    My characters are very devoted to Mara and Stendarr, otherwise I delete them. Even the Dunmer.

    You delete your characters if they lose faith? Huh.
    DoctorESO wrote: »
    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy Name,
    thy kingdom come,
    thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.

    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those
    who trespass against us.

    Your capitalization is incorrect.
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  • Pheefs
    Courts of Chaos hear my plea!
    Great and Most Terrible Lord Sheogorath in your infinite Madness, grant your protection to this lesser child of your house and her fellowship, may our journey run smooth and may our enemies underpants turn to cheese, we place ourselves in your Avuncular Care until the Day of Jyaggld come.
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  • M_Volsung
    Mine is a nord that bears the name of a dragon priest... probably not wise to speculate too much about what and to whom she speaks...
    "In the Deep Halls, Far from Men;
    Forsaken Red Mountain, Twisted Kin;
    Hail the Mind, Hail the Stone;
    Dwarven Pride, Stronger than Bone"

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  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    My main wasn't terribly religious until she went to Craglorn and met the Celestials. Now she's a devout Star-Gazer. :) The switch was SO dramatic my Argonian Dragon Knight thought she'd either been put under mind control or picked up a love interest when she started gushing about the lady with eyes like stars and a celestial voice. He was rather irritated to find out after several failed attempts to 'help' that no, she was being quite literal and she'd just found religion. :mrgreen:

    For his part, he's a Dragonguard agent and very much a Lukiul, having never had opportunity or desire to link with the Hist. Thus he reveres Akatosh and is a little puzzled why other Saxhleel choose to follow entities that don't even have scales.

    My Templar is a Priest of the Eight, spreading their teachings in Pact territory under the Tribunal's noses; he gets away with it through a combination of a very good sword arm and the fact that they have their hands full with other things at this point in history.

    My Nightblade isn't terribly religious ATM. My alt Sorceress lives in the Shivering Isles with her vampire collection so of course she considers herself a subject of Sheogorath. And while my new Warden's beliefs aren't set in stone yet, I'm leaning toward making her a follower of the Hungry Cat, aka Hircine.
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  • WhoSlappedThePie
    My characters don’t pray. They’re agnostic.
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  • MythicEmperor
    No one. Gods are lesser beings compared to the Amaranth. They can be killed; just ask Lorkhan. What then sets them above mortals?
    With cold regards,

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  • SpiderCultist
    Noone worshipping Mephala? HAH! Infidels...

    You shall pay for your weakness.
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    Ashlander and Mephala worshipper.
    "You are just another breed of domestic animal, grazing stupidly while higher beings plot your slaughter."
  • VaranisArano
    It's more like she's the answer to a certain prayer.

    "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear."
  • DoctorESO
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  • Ilsabet
    My main character has a general respect for higher powers and was raised in a community that took a rather practical everyday approach to revering the Divines, but she doesn't feel strongly about religion beyond acknowledging and respecting the power displayed by the various deities she runs into - and the way religious belief can empower and console those who do feel strongly about it. When she prays or kneels at a shrine or some such thing, it's more about showing respect for the deceased or bestowing good wishes than about calling on a particular deity for aid.
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  • Drakkdjinn
    “I’d like to thank me for all the awesome things that me does for me, it’s amazing being in the religion of me, keep up the good work, me.” Amen
  • casparian

    This was created before some very hard working and ingenious people invented something called choreography.
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  • greenmachine
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  • BladedMischief
    Right now, my main worships the Daedra. Specifically Molag Bal and Hircine. She silently prays, so I have no idea what she says (From an RP standpoint)
    She does change however, some days she's more loyal to one than the other. And I guess she just says stuff along the lines of how her loyalty will never falter and all that. Even though it has begun to falter to Hircine because she no longer wants to be a werewolf.
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  • Kierro
    Aside from my Argonian I have a Khajiit, who prays to Mara and Khenarthi (Khajiit version of Kynareth), Jone and Jode, and is apart of "The Two Moons' Dance" monastery.

    I have a Nord, that I RP as a demiprince (offspring of a Daedric Prince or Lord and a mortal). His mother-- a devout worshipper of Hircine, asked the Daedric Prince to sire her a son. So, my Nord worships daddy Hircine. Werewolf form is his true form, human a magical disguise.
  • AmericanSpy
    I'm Hircine...sooo myself.
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