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Do all trading guilds want insane dues?

  • Artemiisia
    if you have the thieves/brotherhood dlc, you could do some of the easy fast minigames, arena and minotuar for motifs, and sell those, this will give u easy 5k gold, since all these motifs are even more worth than that
  • KerinKor
    ATEK302 wrote: »
    Me and my wife just started out, we have two children. No way we can come up with these 5k+ a week. We barely get 1k a week.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    Sadly you're suffering from a basic flaw in ESO's design, ZOS' fanaticism for avoiding a real economy based on the tradition Auction House, in ESO you're at the mercy of trade guilds and now the game's mature the leaders expect everyone to be able to farm thousands simply to enrich the guild.
  • ShimmerDoll
    I just found this after watching an 18k liked (1.9 mil views) video about trade guilds killing this game. It's true for me. I quit the game and don't play. I thought the game was okay but the trade guilds and their crazy demands ruined the game and I quit. I was in one guild in that wouldn't even let me have time off after the flooding in texas. Some of my family lost their homes and I couldn't be online to play ESO during that, and this trade guild kept kicking me for it. A really popular one too. Plus paying them was insane. I'm dealing with a disaster and crisis and they demand I pay some amount of gold i had to farm or they kick me even during this. Stupid stuff and a dumb idea by the devs of this game. So i play a lot of better games these days that don't have this outrageous feature, run by players with big heads who try to extort time (takes time to farm gold) out of my life and don't give AF about real life crisis.
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  • Nestor
    ATEK302 wrote: »

    I was under the impession, that the dues are mandatory donations and not amount sold?

    Depends on the Guild. And the place where their Kiosk is. I am in 3 guilds that get a Kiosk weekly and two of them get one in an out of the way location, and hence do no need to require a donation. The other guild has a prime location in a prime city and asks for either a donation or gold or mats that can sell, or you have high enough sales you can forgo the donations. They even run a couple of farming events to make the material donations something fun to do.

    Here is the thing, I sell, on average, 120K to 200K a week in my main trading guild. I don't do anything special other than shedding excess inventory. Giving up 10% of sales is cheap.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • ZOS_Mika
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