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Looking for 2 DPS (or a Guild) for PvE Dungeons [Early Morning EST]

Hi there!

My friend and I are "hardcore casual" players that are looking to tackle some of the harder PvE content with a friendly guild. We've been playing since beta. I can bring to the table a Templar Healer as a main, two DPS alts, and a newbie tank. His main is a Templar DPS, and also has a DK tank as almost a secondary main, and a few alts (heals and dps). We also do some PvP (all EP characters) but that's not our focus.

Here's the catch: we really only can play weekend mornings, unless maybe it's a holiday. We've played almost every weekend since game launch from ~7am - 11am EST.

We are looking for a group of folks who also typically play at that time so we don't always have to rely on group finder and zone chat to get through the harder PvE dungeons, trials, or Dragonstar Arena. We've done some of the content but would like to chase the achievements we are missing.

Does anyone know specifically of a guild that has folks looking to do this type of content weekend mornings in EST time zone? So many people do the weekday evening thing, or literally start runs at noon EST right as we need to get going. I would be open to starting a little guild where those of us who play during these odd hours could band together, if that sounds like a good idea to anyone. Or, if you are a DPS and would like to friend me, just to do some dungeon runs or vDSA on Saturdays and Sundays, reach out. A tank would also work. We are happy to help you finish your achievements, too!

I'm @peacenote in game, or you can reply here.

Thanks for reading! :):)

Edited by peacenote on February 22, 2018 2:44AM
  • peacenote
    Looking for 2 DPS or (1 DPS and 1 Tank) interested in chasing some achievements and completing some of the harder vet dungeons early in the morning... 7am - 11am in Eastern Standard Time!

    LMK if you are interested, and more details are above. ;)
  • randomuserID1
    Hi Peacenote, I run a Aussie guild which may be a good time slot fit for you and your friend, we run Vet trials in Aest evenings and have some US players who run with us as that is very early mornings, so we generally have a very active players base around when you would need.
    Let me know here or in game if you would like an invite or have any other questions.
    Former GM of the Victorious Brotherhood
    Boethiah's Scythe | Dro-m'Athra Destroyer | Mage Slayer | Ophidian Overlord | Shehai Shatterer I Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor I Voice of Reason
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