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Player with an overactive imagination looking for others who are like minded. Both casual and fun but also looking for more serious and dark story lines for a slightly crazy wood elf who has special dietary choices. Does not like long walks on the beach. Thieves, assassians and pirates most welcome. Honesty is overrated and the more ale the better. Needs to like wolves and cheese.
If it has a tail it is meant to be eaten.

  • kilroyk9
    If you are ps4 NA server send Kilroyk9 a PSN friend request.

    Then travel to my primary residence. The Pale Rose Tavern. (And see my posts in this thread)

    I think you will find what you are looking for.
  • WanderingBeithe
    Ah damn.. should have stated I am EU PC

    Would have been nice though :)
    If it has a tail it is meant to be eaten.

  • kadochka
    Hmm, this still open?
    NA & EU, all PC!
    🐱 @kadochka the cat mom 🐱

    About: my characters and me:
    MY MAINS (all female characters):
    Ruvaakro Nahkriin - Breton blazing tank, vamp
    Lahvraan Do Onikaan - Altmer healplar
    Haziel-la - sweet, chubby kitty chef, mama role
    Orthuna gra-Murug - big orcsorc, chef, mama role
    Penelope Hunter - Breton healplar
    Can't-Heal-Will-Revive - derpy Argonian warden tank, real name Izelda
    Kamii Ob’zahari - totally law-abiding, non-thief Khajiit
    I'm a female who's probably on the younger side of the playerbase, who played beta (got the monkey!) but stopped when it became P2P, and who lives in NA but plays more on EU (I do play NA sometimes, though). I love lore, backstories, and RP; I'm a casual player, I don't PvP, and I've never done a Trial. : ) My guilds are full, apologies, but I wouldn't mind making a few new friends!
  • WanderingBeithe
    Heck yeah!

    *waves *
    If it has a tail it is meant to be eaten.

  • Itacira
    Hi to you ! I enjoy punctual role-playing - such as reacting to quests/places/npcs/the fact that I meet other players in places that should've been instanced in order to be true to the plot. "What, you're helping the Red Judge too? What a coincidence." If we cross paths, you're very welcome to chat !
    PC/EU - 2H stam orc petsorc (meta, what meta?) - terrible dps - mediocre player - fun times
  • Carbohydratedaddy
    Soul Shriven
    sounds really good, still open? I will need to work on my characters backstory a little before tho.
  • WanderingBeithe
    I started a guild for (mostly) supernatural rp. Werewolves, vamps and stuff.
    Dark fairy tale stuff in the eso lore of course.
    More Gulimmero Del Toro, not Twilight..

    Pc eu

    Hit me up.
    If it has a tail it is meant to be eaten.

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