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Player with an overactive imagination looking for others who are like minded. Both casual and fun but also looking for more serious and dark story lines for a slightly crazy wood elf who has special dietary choices. Does not like long walks on the beach. Thieves, assassians and pirates most welcome. Honesty is overrated and the more ale the better. Needs to like wolves and cheese.
If it has a tail it is meant to be eaten.

  • kilroyk9
    If you are ps4 NA server send Kilroyk9 a PSN friend request.

    Then travel to my primary residence. The Pale Rose Tavern. (And see my posts in this thread)

    I think you will find what you are looking for.
  • WanderingBeithe
    Ah damn.. should have stated I am EU PC

    Would have been nice though :)
    If it has a tail it is meant to be eaten.

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