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My Banking Assistant has gone insane!

  • Hookgrin
    Have to admit I TL;DR'd the OP the first time here. Only in reading the responses did I catch on to what this was about.

    Just checked out the links to the photos within the poems that guide you through the haunted house. Very impressed, so much work. The feast on the ceiling! OMG! I go crazy just trying to place one item.

    A hundred awesomes for you sir.

  • Darkhorse1975
    Im in IBoB on PC/NA, totally going there, dude!

    image upload
    Edited by Darkhorse1975 on October 20, 2017 9:20AM
    Master Craftsman!
  • researchmonkey
    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to look at this thread and posting your comments. I'll be in game on NA PC server from 7.30 pm US EDT on Oct 28 for the Scheeming Skeevers Imports guild Halloween event. Just message or mail me if you want to visit but can't find anyone to get you to the house.
    - Grumbles the Vague
  • Stickbow
    (OOC)I did not think it too long, as it was posted in the Fiction and RP forum, and you did an excellent job of both the story and the poem for the house.

    (IC) I have not had the opportunity to visit this manse at this time. Is it still in it's previous state?

    I'd be happy to perform a ritual to remove the obvious Daedric possession of your Banker while I'm there.

    Your most humble and obedient servant,

    Ealdred "le Dubh".

    Renowned scribe and author of the soon to be published "The ethno-history and odd disappearance of the Falinesti: In which the author interviews the remaining common mer of Falinesti to determine its wherabouts", to be published by the author.

    For subscription to this work, please send 50 gold (Alessian Imperial coin receives a 10% discount) to the author at this address.

  • researchmonkey
    Thankfully after my ordeal I have found somewhere to relax. Due to this the Halloween Madhouse will only be available by request

    Many thanks to those that read and visited.
    - Grumbles the Vague
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