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No death run & achievement was not given at the end?? Guess ZOS response...

So we did Darkshade 2 earlier today & had a no death run which I wanted on my Warden Healer. Well, since we didn't get the achievement at the end I submitted a ticket.. What was ZOS response??


Thank you for contacting The Elder Scrolls Online Team. My name is Joe, and I'd be happy to continue assisting you today.

I can imagine how aggravating this situation would be. This is such a frustrating dungeon to run so I can imagine the dissatisfaction of not getting the achievement at the end. Unfortunately, The Elder Scrolls Online's Customer Support is not able to give or restore in-game Achievements. As much as I know this isn't pleasant to hear but the only option is to just try again.

If you ever have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us again! We'll be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

Just an FYI for anyone who has thew same issue.. ZOS= IDGAF, Gimme yo money
Happy Patch day!
  • jeffmiller506b16_ESO
    that's not customer support, just useless.
  • Drummerx04
    Clickbait would have been stronger if you had used, "You'll never believe ZOS response!"
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  • paulsimonps
  • kritonX67
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    I had played WoW again for a month last year after a very long break. ZOS could learn some from Blizzard regarding Customer support. ESO is such a good game, but CS in general is non-existant.
  • Qbiken
    Most people tend to miss the 3 Alit´s when doing Darkshade 2, could´ve been that.
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  • K0rpeN
    Of course no response from the OP about not killing all the bosses. It's easier to whine and blame zos I guess.
  • Beardimus
    I think it's a valid response. I was thinking you might get some automated reply that wasn't relevant. This was a valid, relevant reply.

    Odds are you missed something.

    And its not that hard to do again, just have another go.
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  • vovus69
    There are six bosses. You probably missed Alit which is a bit aside. See the map:

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  • sickboy2808
    kritonX67 wrote: »
    I had played WoW again for a month last year after a very long break. ZOS could learn some from Blizzard regarding Customer support. ESO is such a good game, but CS in general is non-existant.

    Agreed. I had problem installing Destiny 2 last week, contacted Blizzard on Live Chat and the person was great and fixed my problem within minutes. ESO doesnt even have Live Chat never mind fix a problem in the same day/week. Hopeless
    ZOS takes cheating very Lightly. You have been warned, and any cheaters found out will get the Least punishment possible...
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