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Looking for Active PvP Guild

Soul Shriven
Sorcerer lvl 35 looking for active pvp guild, Legionary rank 2
  • Gelmir
    @Airaud , if you are fighting in AD side, can you please contact me in-game: @Glevissig is my handle.

    In Lodge of Sorceresses, we have formed our PvE initiative (raid core) and as a next step, we will be moving towards PvP one. I've started gathering skilled AD PvP'ers around me. It will be something big.
    ★ Lodge of Sorceresses [PC/EU] - LF Serious PvEers: Midgame to Endgame Growth! ★
    We NEED You! | Join Discord Server | Youtube Channel
  • Zunkis
    :) Hi if u DC call out for wolves in vivec and we will invite u
    Edited by Zunkis on October 15, 2017 4:32AM
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