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LF Guild, Older Guy, Very Casual, Solo Player

Soul Shriven
I'm 44, an old school gamer, looking for a guild so I can watch chat and learn more about the end game. Currently a champion 180 or so DK using dual wield and heavy armor to play solo through the game. I'm not very social and looking for a guild that doesn't mind quiet, solo players. Send me an invite in-game. Gamertag = rharper, Character Name = Wlomena.
  • JimBobMcKrakken
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  • amarothria12
    Still looking for a guild?
  • PhoenixWanderer
    Hey, If your still looking for a Guild Cheezy Gang is looking to fill its ranks! Currently few in numbers however we hope to change that within the next month! We are looking for players of any age, skill or interests to help us turn our small guild into one of legend!

    GT: CommanderCabot
  • Vapirko
    I can recommend Lone Wolf Help if you're new to the game. Lots of beginners and advanced players alike.

    Angry Unicorn Traders has always been there for me as well if you want to sell stuff too. They also do normal trial runs every week which is a great way to get started.

    And lastly Valerhu's is an awesome Australian based guild, super nice crowd, always helpful.

    You can look all these up online I think, don't have names of the guild heads with me atm.
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  • montiferus
    If u are still looking I have a good guild for you.
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