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When you realize The Prophet is actually evil and a lunatic.

The Prophet convinces Lyris to be imprisoned in hell by swapping places with him. I think to myself, "yeah right". Shockingly, Lyris, agrees. As for me I just kind of go along with it. I mean, I just, REALLY want to escape from hell.


Well, I hope The Prophet keeps his end of the bargain because Lyris does NOT look comfortable. At least he looks like a guy you can trust. Blind old man in rags that suffered god knows how long of a torture just exudes sanity.


The Prophet does keep his end of the bargain, sort of. He kills me as soon as I escape from hell. Still trying to process as to why he would save me only to kill me.


Two ghosts now. Only difference is, his ghost is just a hologram as opposed to an actual ghost that is me.


No, not really. Molag Bal is picking me up, he says hello. If you ever go back to hell remind me never to swap places with you. Thanks.

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