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Am i playing the game right?

Soul Shriven
Hi Im a solo player and i only manage to play for a few hours a night and thats not every day. I am a new player and am struggling to level up. I am lv 32 and have been playing for a few months. I mostly do missions and explore. As i want to really hit all the content the game has. I am only on my 4th area map. Im finding it very slow to lvl up well i think i am, as i have read online that people are hitting level 50 in 2 days? What if anything can i do to lvl up a bit faster?

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  • spikesaurus
    If you're having fun in what you're doing and not being mean to others, then however you play is right for you. But I would recommend seeking out some guilds that are friendly and like to help new people, [you can be in 5]
    There are plenty about and most will be understanding of a lack of hours of game-play or of experience.
    If you were PC\NA I'd offer assistance but since you're EU I wish you luck. Keep having fun out there. (my first character took 3 months to level, now i do it fast with my alts but I'm glad i took my time with my first character)
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  • Saturnana
    I don't think you're doing anything wrong. ;) I'm a casual player as well, mostly enjoying the quests at my own pace, and it took me a little over a month to get my first character to level 50.. and that was in a period where I had the time to play compulsively for hours on end each day. If you're only playing a couple of hours here and there, I'd say you're right on schedule. The people that hit level 50 in a matter of days are probably grinding dolmens or Skyreach, neither of which is a fun way to gain levels in my opinion.

    If you're really set on leveling faster, you can choose to wear gear with the Training trait, buy experience scrolls from the Crown Store, or buy Psijic Ambrosia (a drink/consumable) from other players through the guild stores. All of them will increase the amount of experience you gain, though 'Training' only does that for the kills you make - I believe - and the scroll / ambrosia increase the amount of XP from any source. Also, I found this thread for you that might contain some helpful tips: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/314993/leveling-gear

    In the end it's all about what you want from the game, though! And there's currently very little that you cannot do at level 32. So I'd say just enjoy your questing and have fun. :)
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  • DirkRavenclaw
    I will later, after maintenance check if you are on PC NA, we have a lovely Guild, LoneWolfHelp, my very first Guild i joined. Im now in 5 Guild and ask myself how i ever managed to bge a soloplayer only. This is my very first MMO, after hitting my Limit on what i could do in Skyrim. I needed around 15 characters before i feeled happy. Im now on CP302 and trying not to think how much further i have to go until max cp lvl
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  • oldmanbenji30
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you very much for your help im on europe server on xbox. Glad to see im playing the game allong the right lines. I wasnt sure if i could join a guild as i dont have time to play as much as i would like. As i read they only like consistent players.
  • eso_nya
    You r doing it right. Among all the things u can level up, your character level is the least important. XP (and Gold) is what happens on its own, while u level up the more important things.
    Some of them:
    Your Horses Speed and Backpack.
    Alliance War until Warhorn/Vigor/Caltrops.
    Class and Weapon Skill-lines.
    Crafting lines.

    Take it slow, enjoy the storylines, pick up everything u find and dont bother with gear/stats, before u reach level 50 and after that CP-rank 160.

    It is true, u can hit level 50 in 2 days of nonstop grinding, but u'll end up with a borderline useless toon, which will have to start doing all of the above, just two days later than u.
  • Beardimus
    You are playing the best way amigo, there is no rush, enjoy the game.

    On launch I took 4/5 months to hit L50 and finish the main quest. Just play how you enjoy.

    If you want tips on good XP along the way in each zone do the following - do the alliance quest, complete all the delves, complete the public dungeon group event (skill point) NOT the group dungeon that's a 4 man instanced event!) do the main quest - collect skyshards as you explore, and if you are a magika toon get all the lore books - check your journal and clear a zone at a time etc.
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  • O-Los_Zulis
    I'll agree I don't think you are doing anything wrong its players that have level multi of toons know what quests to skip.
    If you only pick out high exp quests and hit all the poi, sky shards and ect you will level faster. Many players that level extremely fast get grind buddies to power level them that's not what you are looking for but if you are getting bored you can join a dolmen group one night and cycle thru the three sites over and over and over... that will make you more exp than just questing.

    What I think that is best is just play the game the way you enjoy the most and not to worry about how other players do.

    We all play to have fun right? :smile:
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  • bebynnag
    the game has multiple elements







    Imperial Sewers





    you can participate in as many or as few of these elements as you want, in whatever order you want, for as much as you want

    because this is a game and it is supposed to be fun

    the people hitting level 50 in 2 days are chasing a very particular experience, because that is how they have fun. you do not need to compare yourself to them or compete with them, unless you choose to
  • oldmanbenji30
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you all for the advice. Thinking im just hoing to keep exploring and doing every mission i come across, keep researching and trying to get crafting up. To a decent level as i am finding it very slow to bring up to higher levels. Thanks everyone
  • NyassaV
    I can hit 50 in 8 hours if I'm grinding. Questing gives you terribly low XP amount
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