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Is Battlegrounds worth it?

  • cazlonb16_ESO
    Too many issues at the moment. You need luck with the queues and play the right build, otherwise it will suck. Better wait for ZOS to iron out the issues and the price to drop.
  • Vaoh
    I'd love to say yes, but it is extremely imbalanced atm and has severe grouping issues.

    Unless you are a top tier player who can play solo quite well, don't expect to have a good time at all. Also don't expect more than a few games per hour or you'll likely be disappointed.

    Lastly if grouping with friends beforehand you may wait 30min or more to get into a game.
  • silver1surfer69
    I finally bought it now in the last sale for -25%. I just didnt want to wait anymore. Looks like ZOS Strategy is working:)

    Anyway i can say, i like BG very much and its much fun for me. Never had to wait more then 2-4 minutes to get in. Always been in a group of 4 (i was solo queing and got into a group of 4 in the end). Looks like they solved the issuses now. I think the price is still high. So for PvP enthusiasts its ok, but for all the people who just want to check into pvp every now and then, wait for a better offer.
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  • Dr_Rektar
    No. I feel dumped by zos now. Battlegrounds are buged as hell. Some players can't enter game anymore after entering BG.
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  • silver1surfer69
    ok so have my first issue too. were in but it just not starts, for 8 min now...
  • Thogard
    There's a strong correlation between people who don't like BGs and people who are bad at BGs.

    It can be a little buggy at times, but it isn't as buggy as cyrodil at the moment. And it's MUCH less laggy than cyrodil. The lag difference alone is enough to keep me coming back.
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  • Avnr

    1.if you don't like cyrodiil zerg playstyle
    2.if you don't like cyrodiil lag

    Im glad that i have both DLC that allow me small pvp - BG and IC - both great fun for me
  • silver1surfer69
    Avnr wrote: »

    1.if you don't like cyrodiil zerg playstyle
    2.if you don't like cyrodiil lag

    Im glad that i have both DLC that allow me small pvp - BG and IC - both great fun for me

    Thx but in IC nowadays there is almost nobody, or am i wrong. I hardly find an enemy player there now.
  • silver1surfer69
    Yes, as i said, i like BG. But what i really dont like is that you cant choose which mode of BG you want to enter. I dont like the running around modes so much. I like deathmatch. I experience that i go less and less into BG cause i dont like the other modes and end up playing them.

  • Beardimus
    If you play the tactics as a team you can still stay on the offence - and let team mates hit the objectives. you wont score so well personally if not hitting the objectives but it depends what you are after.

    A tank team mate holding the chaos ball, and some defenders keeping the enemy down is a good strat etc.
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  • Feanor
    Actually for me having fun in BGs is a lot like having fun in Cyrodiil. Just expect to die every second to broken abilities while your teammates don't offer any meaningful help at all. :lol:
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