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Sentinel of Rkugamz Set

Can the team please look at ways to make the Sentinel of Rkugamz set more viable? I would really like to use this set on all of my healers, however in it's current state it is a little wonky.

Positive changes / issues I found include:
- Issue: Delay on dwemer spider from when it appears to when it start its healing
- Issue: Dwemer spider can be interrupted and thus nullified
- Change: Better player targeting which would place spider at the highest concentration of allies or stam based allies.
- Change: Reducing the cool down. my testing reveals the 15 sec cool down starts after the spider dies
- Change: Radius of effect increase from 8 m to 10 meters would make it more versatile

This is a set that in the Morrowind update should be a very strong competitor to other sets and a very valuable asset when it comes to Healers or tanks due to resource management and healing. It is the great set in theory but has some issues that reduce its effectiveness and make it to wonky to put to good use. Please consider some of the proposed changes, would love to see this set used more often!
Ad Victoriam!
  • Beardimus
    I agree, it has great potential for Sorc Healer to provide some stam back, but it's not great in current form
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  • Zer0oo
    i just would make it so it give stam and mag back so a healer can support both kinds of dds.
    EU player that is salty about BAD performance and not working BGs
  • Tannus15
    the fact that it can get knocked back makes it useless.

    Stupid spider pops up and gets knocked out of range of the stam dps / tank and that's the end of that.
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