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Housing Tricks, what are yours

  • freespirit
    ixie wrote: »
    my fireplace in Tel Galen, Redguard Counter, Grill, turned on it's side, with 3 Nord Shelf, Braced, over


    Omg, that reminds me of the gas fire I had in my very first bedsit after leaving home!! :)
    When people say to me........
    "You're going to regret that in the morning"
    I sleep until midday cos I'm a problem solver!
  • NordSwordnBoard
    Coat of Arms: I flipped the lord warden trophy around to show the plain wooden side, and put my crossed axes on it.
    "You get that blithe assumption that the status quo will always remain - or that this guy is so bad he's got to go. Neither are necessarily true, nor necessarily false." - Michael Kozak
  • ProfesseurFreder
    Tapestries and rugs for walls. It doesn't even bother me that they float -- I just assume that the wires or ropes holding them up are invisible in the dim lighting conditions....
    "Nothing by which all human passion and hope and folly can be mirrored and then proved ever was just a game."
    -- William Faulkner.
  • Haruspex
    I've used planks to make a large two story deck and argonian reed tents and canopies to cover the top one.

    I have also used orcish bars to cap the front of a second story area to make it look more finished, it really looks great with structures that have dark wood already.

    I've built my own fireplaces with stones and statue bases because Daggerfall Overlook does not have any, unfortunately.

    I have censors or incense placed in areas that I want smoke. For example, you can put them in fireplaces, use them to make a hot springs, or place them inside furniture items to make them look active/animated (e.g., trophies and pvp ballista figureheads). I've even used a censor in the Vvardenfell Scale Model volcano (thanks for the idea, @Livvy!)

    Additionally, cages make great bank vaults and the achievement item Serien's Stand makes a nice coffin stand or fireplace chimney.
    Edited by Haruspex on July 19, 2017 1:03PM
  • Sticky_Paws

    This is my day at the beach, complete with friends going for a little bit of fun. Who knew a feather bin full of air would make a nice raft for some tubing off the island coast?
    Edited by Sticky_Paws on July 25, 2017 6:47AM
  • Sticky_Paws
    Sleek creek waterfall and lush oasis.

  • freespirit
    So today I decided to try out some of the awesome ideas from this thread........

    Mostly involving burying things in other things, plus I have an unhealthy addiction to lighting/flames........

    I started small, a burning urn ........


    Then I set fire to my spare flesh Atronach parts and added a blue glow to two of my statues on the roof.........


    Oh and a trick I hadn't mentioned......

    Using Banners as blackout curtains :)


    P.S. The skelly's fine........ just a touch of stomach ache! >:)
    When people say to me........
    "You're going to regret that in the morning"
    I sleep until midday cos I'm a problem solver!
  • Arciris
    Sleek creek waterfall and lush oasis.


    Awesome job on that waterfall. <3
    I was planning on making one myself in a different house also using skyshards but I'm waiting on some of the new items to come out with next patch, they will really help make it look even more real :D
  • OmniDo
    Using Wall Sconces to illuminate an otherwise dim "Cooking Fire"

    Hiding Meridia Lights and that Red one...(forget what its called) "inside" coffins to add ambient lighting.

    Using Assistants, Tables, a rug, and other furniture to obscure the entrance to the lower floor.

    Using Orcish Platform Blocks and Rough Block, Stone Sections to create "False" Walls.

    Using Carpets (Old Trick) to cover for the rather ugly missing textures of said Platform Blocks

    The result is a "Hidden" Room in the Gardner House which is completely obscured by the aforementioned false wall

    Using Veiled Crystals hidden inside objects to bring a more "Golden" light to Gold-Coin/Treasure decor

    Using Rugs and Signs to "hide" rooms in Daggerfall Castle

    Creating a "Grotto" to make use of the space outside Daggerfall castle, reached by the "dungeon" trap-door
    Edited by OmniDo on August 2, 2017 10:04PM
  • OmniDo
    One thing also to note:
    Too many animated light sources; candles, sconces, fire-lights of all kinds, can sometimes glitch out, resulting in the lighting working but their "fires" missing until turned off and back on again.

    This appears to be a client-side rendering problem which I havent quite determined the boundaries for.
    Some guests say it renders just fine, others say the "fires" are missing from various light sources, though which sources display their animated fires do not appear to be consistent between clients.
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