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Tips to improve and re-work Battlegrounds...

I love the idea of this feature - but right now, it's broken and doesn't work. Even if you get in, the elite players are dominating and scaring off any newcomers. I know this, because all my guildies have played it just a few times and refuse to go back in there just to be cannon fodder... yes, they can "git gud" - but most are casual gamers that just want to have fun.

Here is a list of improvements that would SERIOUSLY make Battlegrounds "worth it" and more interesting for the many, and not just the few.
  1. Enable queuing as a 12 that would throw you into random teams. This will give guilds a lot of scope to organize fun events. How cool would this be to take your trial team into a battlegrounds after a particularly grueling trial run? Blow off some steam, and get to whack on each other in PVE gear with PVE set ups!!
  2. Rework "Capture the Flag". Its a nonsense play mode that is usually over in a shorter time than it took to queue. Have it so you have to defend the flags for a certain amount of time at home base etc. Give scores based upon time controlled the flags too.
  3. A ranking system is a must. You could easily base it upon the average of medals gained. This would encourage newer players to jump in and play BGs. No-one wants to go play to be cannon fodder for the expert PVPers. It would also mean the top players have more of a challenge too - being ranked alongside better players. You could also offer up a "ranked" and "unranked" match queue if people just want to bash dummies all day long.
  4. No team, battle royal free for all mode. Make it so stealth is disabled (like being in the radius of a guard in Abah's Watch - make stealthing impossible) and have a 12-man (or more) battle royal where the last man standing is the winner. To prevent health tanking, you could have it so a timer ticking caps or decreases health and health recovery in percentiles the longer the match goes on etc...

BGs are a cool concept - and I'm sure with tweeks and community support they will get better. Right now the queues and elitism surrounding them are dogging their existence. Great concept, terrible execution - but it's a starting point :)
  • Rittings
    Oh.. and please give more AP... people who want to PVP for AP etc are also not going into BGs because they get 10s more AP per hour in Cyrodiil. At least double the AP you get for medals if you are in second place, and triple if your team wins!
  • FloppyTouch
    Only issue I have with 12 person que is abusing leader boards scores if they disable AP and leaderboards scores for a 12 man que I would be okay with that.

    I agree with a lot that you had to say
  • Floki_Vilgerdarson
    How about we get the basic group finder to work before adding new ideas?
  • Chantclaire
    These are all great ideas that we can fantasise over, but that truth of the matter is that none of this will never happen cause it is ZoS. ZoS isn't a fan of reworking stuff and if they do then it will take them months or even years.
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  • Sandman929
    I like #1, particularly for guilds, but I'd rather do away with random team assignment. Queuing into the BG instance with 12 should allow for team assignments, and be removed from leaderboard/rewards. It would be nice to flesh out BGs a bit more than just a rework of dungeon finder.
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  • Rickter
    guys. really?

    I brought up all of these concerns PRIOR TO THE PATCH.

    The writing was on the wall! look at the poll results in that thread. then look at the ones who voted that BGs are awesome. Thats who you have to blame.

    BGs are a great idea and something I support for ESO. however, there were far too many issues with small scale pvp going in to the patch that any notion or hope of fair, competitive gameplay was doomed. I created that thread to bring awareness and was shutdown by other members out of what can only be recognized as negligence, arrogance, and irresponsibility. Im talking about the players. Not ZOS.
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  • NordSwordnBoard
    1. Yes - There should be a way to get to BGs without GF like you can with a dungeon or trial.

    2. Yes, maybe increase the radius and rewards for defending on CTF and Domination. I've also had some of the most fun doing 2v2v2 CTF. I wish there were some 2v2v2 game set ups or options.

    3. The smaller the number of BGS a person has played, the greater the AP and gear rewards should be - Your rank in PvP determines how "far" your AP gains take you. Something similar for BGs is needed to encourage new players to stick with it and take beatings, but learn to give some back. Say, your first 5 rewards are purple weapons or give a IC Alchemy satchels. BGs are potion and poison intensive.

    4. FFA is interesting, possibly a smaller space would be better than some of the larger maps though.

    5. 2k AP per quest complete is weak; that's 500 more than flipping a resource in Cyrodiil.

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  • Scyantific
    First thing they have to do is make the queue automatic. If you queue into BG, you shouldn't have to confirm it. Queue up, wait for the 12, and insta-pop them into BGs
  • MurderMostFoul
    Make BG daily quests also award an Alchemy Reagent bag. Give us a little something to mitigate running though all those pots.
    “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
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