Aedric wrath! No dues, free stuff for new players, and some darn good endgamers too!

  • Sabaism
    Soul Shriven
    New to MMO in general. Almost no idea what I'm doing in ESO. Not even in the same place I started. I think I'm a Nightblade cat. This sounds like a guild for me. I'll do what I can to contribute.
  • RobDaCool
    I'd like to join, only level 22 at the moment. XBL is RobDaCool

    right now the kids have taken over my TV so I can't message you, and I'll probably have forgotten when I do get my Xbox back lol
  • Trevisimo
    Soul Shriven
    Was there word of a discord server? If so could you private message me an invite to that?
  • Trevisimo
    Soul Shriven
    ok! i check the forums less frequently than my xbox messages haha sry

    sending all now

    come say hi in chat!


    GT: RoosterTRG
    I should be on tonight around 10:30PM EST
  • Obsolete16
    Soul Shriven
    I am interested in joining, also. I'm new to ESO, but not to MMO's in general. Currently I'm a level 12 Magwarden. My GT is RG Jinxx RG.
  • kuma82
    I am interested, I am a new player on Xbox one. I played when it first came out on pc but only for awhile. Looking for a group to play with at times. GT VenerableAF1982
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