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How do you log a ticket?

Soul Shriven
Hi gang,

I've been to the and I've navigated though the Web Assist trying to log a ticket however the "submit" and "provide feedback" buttons are un-selectable... Does anyone have any insight? My Character is stuck in a glitch screen and the "get me unstuck" option will not work because I'm booted from the server too quickly!

Appreciate all help!

  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    If you haven't already make sure you're logged into the support page, when you're on the screen where you select your platform there is a notification to log in just above the choices.

    The the choice string you want is. Platform > In-Game Support > Character Issue (drop down 1) > Crashing / stuck loading (drop down 2) > click Next: Add issue details.

    From there you should be able to fill out the information and submit the ticket.
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  • XxstevexX
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks Turelus - However, I have done that before and then selected, "find assistance" and presented with a few options. The options are; "ask community" "check wiki" and "email response." Problem is the Wiki's don't have information that can help me, and the "email response" link doesn't work! I've tried to click on it many times but nothing happens...

  • BlackSparrow
    Are you sure you're logged in? Logging into the forums does not log you into the support site. Check the upper right corner of the support page, under the blue "Buy Now" button. If it says "Log In" you need to log in with your game/account login and then use the web assistant again.

    If that's not the issue, try it in a different browser. Depending on what browser you use and what version it is, certain web scripts can go a little wonky.
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  • XxstevexX
    Soul Shriven
    definitely logged in - name is showing. I tried the old faithful fixes such as "turned it off and back on again" and even tried "blowing on it" :)

    Good call in the browser... Let me give that a try. Using IE and we all know how fantastic that browser is :)

  • XxstevexX
    Soul Shriven
    That seemed to have worked!! Ticket is logged! Thanks for the advice :)
  • XxstevexX
    Soul Shriven
    UPDATE** This has solved the issue - thanks everyone for the information. Anyone having issues with this website not working, please note that Internet Explorer is probably the issue

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