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Skill Point Exploit & Account Suspensions

Community Manager
Last week, there was an exploit reported on PC that allowed you to repeatedly gain skill points from a single location. We have since fixed this issue as of our most recent incremental patch, but accounts had not yet been actioned… until now. This afternoon, we’ll be suspending close to 300 PC accounts that were found exploiting this issue. In addition to a 3-day suspension, affected accounts will have all skill points reset to their original state before this exploit occurred.

We encourage everyone to review the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. If you’re unsure if you’ve found an exploit in ESO, please reach out to a staff member or contact Support.
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Staff Post
  • Soriana
    I did the group event with my main and do not remember getting an additional skill point when I ran through it again with my gf. Is it confirmed that it only happened on newly created characters? I would really hate to have to fight a three day ban for playing the game the way it was intended and not abusing anything.

  • ilander
    ilander wrote: »
    I have a guildmate you've just suspended for this and he's 100% oblivious as to what he's done, nor where it happened and he's not the sort of person to lie about these things so it might be an idea to look a bit further into this instead of throwing out blanket suspensions that may catch people who are innocent of any wrongdoing. If he has partaken in this, he was not aware that it was going on, nor where it happened. I realise it is my word about him against whatever exploit this is but are you sure you haven't just taken anyone who was in this particular area at the general time leveling, especially if it was in the new expansion and decided to suspend them because they somehow inadvertantly managed to glean some extra skill without even noticing.

    I don't think he's bothered about the skill points at all, its more the fact that he can't play for the next 3 days because of something he's not even aware of.


    I wanted to add now that he knows where this could have happened, he was in full training gear using ambrosia and an xp scroll so are you sure he didn't just gain some xp with a stack of xp buffs because he remembers he was hardly even in this spot at all let alone farming.
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  • Grashek
    Rogue78 wrote: »
    Were you just going by Skillpoints earned / timeframe as a reason do ban people? Or did you just blanket ban everyone coming by a paticular place?

    We did not grind _any_ boss, as Grashek said. We did the MQ, every public dungeon in the game apart from the new Morrowind ones, on a single day. You can easily check the achievements for that. On top of that, all in the span of the one week since Morrowind release, is all DC zones, 3/4 of EP, one or two AD, Hews Bane, Gold Coast, a few TG & DB quests that give points, every single dungeon in the game and a few on top of that from pvp.

    All easily proven with the dungeon, quest, skyshard, alliance rank achievements.

    So are you telling me now that you are going to delete all that progress back to a state of last week when the char was like level 10? On top of that completely unjustified 3 day suspension?

    You can't be serious...

    Couldn't have said it better.
    Edited by Grashek on June 1, 2017 8:32PM
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  • Rogue78
    I don't remember doing any group challenge twice, nor seeing any groups of people camping them. We tried to do them as fast as possible. Completing all on a single day still took several hours. If we got a point too much why not just remove it. It's not like any of us even noticed anything amiss. Until suddenly out of the blue people got banned.
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  • ewhite106b16_ESO
    I'm really angry about this, I was banned unjustly and most definitely was not exploiting to gain skill points. Not even sure what situation I might have been around that led to being suspended for "skill point exploitation". Only thing I can maybe think of was a delve boss I killed last week with friends that a bunch of people were farming?

    Not even sure who to contact to get this fixed. Seriously Zenimax, this blanket suspension of innocent accounts doesn't make any sense and it's a great way to alienate your customers.
  • Rogue78
    Is sending out the "Elder Scrolls Online: Skillpoint Exploit Suspension Notice" mail twice part of the process? Meanwhile I am trying to figure out how to submit a customer support ticket. The support page does not even offer any aporpriate category...

    You better fix this fast ZOS and not wait around until those 72 hours are over! Completely ridiculous!
    Omnia Vincit
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  • Aurie
    Seems to me that even though clearly in the ideal world bugs should not be exploited, temptation is too much for many people (assuming they even realised there was a bug they were exploiting), and really @ZOS should be more responsible about fixing said bugs immediately.

    After all, what are the weekly maintenances for, and have they never heard of hotfixes? To me it seems unfair to 'solve the problem' by banning players.
  • KevinMK
    affected accounts will have all skill points reset to their original state before this exploit occurred

    What does this mean exactly? Will the skill points be reset to the amount of skill points they had at the point before the exploit? What happens to the skill points that were obtained legally during the time since the exploit?
  • Turelus
    LiquidPony wrote: »
    Turelus wrote: »
    LiquidPony wrote: »
    Turelus wrote: »
    Sheey wrote: »
    Turelus wrote: »
    Will punishments be worse if any of these people were repeat offenders?

    As I feel whilst this issue was reversible the fact we often see suspensions only leads people to promote exploiting, cash out before the suspension, take a suspension and enjoy the rewards still.

    As I have posted many times in other threads about exploiting I feel ZOS would do well to adopt a strike system (if not already) to make sure first time offended who may not know better learn, but repeat offenders are eventually removed from the game.

    No. Just No.

    Repeat offenders should not be removed from the game. As long as it is game expirienced-related the punishments should stay ingame related and not account related.

    Suspending someone from the game permanently is never to take in action just because someone abusing a bug in game. Permanently bans are reserved for Bots and system hacks ONLY.
    This is the procedure for almost every other MMO, there are clear ToS rules stating you are not to exploit bugs if encountered.

    The issue we have with ESO and exploiting is that because ZOS has rarely ever made a harsh stance we literally see people telling one another to abuse bugs on the forums and have active groups within the game which find them and abuse for massive gains yet face only a temporary suspension.

    I've been banging on about this for over a year now linking the same old information again and again. If ZOS wants ESO to have a reputation of a fair and competitive online game then they need to start taking actual actions against people who continuously exploit bugs for advantages in the game.

    Here are some examples to prove I am not just touting rubbish.

    Maybe I'm a jerk, but, I feel like a more reasonable solution to this problem would be ... fix the bugs? Invest in a competent QA team? Hold the developers responsible for consistently releasing bug-riddled code that never gets fixed?

    It just seems to me that if ZOS "wants ESO to have a reputation of a fair and competitive online game," then they should produce a game that isn't a donkey show of bugs, crashes, and lag.

    Stuff like this leading to permabans would be a great way to let ESO rest in pepperoni. I've spent many an evening grinding Public Dungeons for various purposes (guild events, gear farm, gold farm, etc.).
    The issue and the reason a ToS exists is because not all bugs can be foreseen and fixed instantly. You have to remember there are groups who go on PTS to find issues, don't report them then abuse in the live game.

    ToS which gives a company freedom to suspend or ban due to unforeseen bugs. It should only lead to a perma ban if a player constantly after one or two strikes continues to exploit bugs.

    If you find a bug which can be exploited, report it, don't use it, don't get banned. It's that simple.

    My point is that bugs like this one can easily be accidentally "exploited" by people who had no ill intent.

    And there are other bugs that are "exploited" to work around broken content that can't be played otherwise.

    And there are many potential bugs that are, by some definition, being "exploited" in competitive end-game content ... but of course we have no idea if those are actually bugs that we are exploiting or intentional mechanics.

    Anyway, all I'm saying is that it cuts both ways. People should be banned for repeatedly exploiting known bugs, but ZOS should do a better job of communicating the existence of those bugs and then fixing them. The sheer number of bugs and exploits in this game is astounding.

    If ZOS wants this to be a fair and competitive online game, the buck starts and stops with ZOS. Putting all of the blame on players, especially in cases like this, just allows ZOS to continue raking in cash for delivering broken content.
    I agree with you on some parts. I do wish ZOS would announce when an exploit is found and warn everyone that if they use it they will face actions, then take action against those who did to some level.

    I come from another game which was very tough on exploitation and much better at communication, so my views are very heavily influenced by that. :confused:
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  • Mojmir
    Keep running all the other exploits though,lol
    Raising floors and lower ceilings by zos standards has created an iron maiden.
    No matter how well you played,when the game is over,the king and pawn go back in the same box.
    Be careful what you ask for from zo$, you always get punished.
    Call me toxic,your the one being slowly poisoned by greed.
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