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How Do YOU Roleplay?

Long time tabletop and MUD (multi-year dungeon) roleplayer here. Most of my roleplaying experience has been in a text format.

How does that translate over to consoles or PC? Do you guys use a lot of voice? Do you type actions out? In particular, what's a typical roleplay experience like for you in specific?
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  • jarnkoldur
    Greetings and welcome,
    Consoles, due to a lack of a text communication feature, developed to embrace voice chat RP as opposed to our PC brethern. Here is a recording of one of our RPs: LLRP |Blades of Dourstone Keep|:

    Now, we aren't opposed to text RPing, but voice chat has sort of grown on some of the console players and as such prefer it - I include myself with that demographic.
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  • DocFrost72

    Something your character says, in character.


    Something your character does.

    F1- list of emotes.'re off!
  • jockjammerb16_ESO
    The old fashioned way. Simple Text and emotes.
    . No ridiculous novel style writing or mind reading such as, * know's you think she's sexy and Twirls around gracefully,the moon glittering of her dew moist scales making you think of the glistening leaves of an Elm tree at dawn,blah blah yadda yadda,Zzzzzzzzzz.*
    More like *scratches ass* or *groans loudly annoyed at insert name of bad roleplayer here*

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  • Turelus
    As others have said on PC it tends to be more text based.

    I personally avoid using emotes for everything as some look goofy and ruin the feel I wanted, so I will use /e for that.
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