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Inactive guild

  • LothTurwaith
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like an invite GT: Loth Turwaith
  • BassFoxx
    I'd like to join

    GT: HaVoCdEsTiNy
  • j.mullikin777_ESO
    GT: T2For1Special

    Main is V 9
  • Tida2Yuna
    GT: lezask6p
  • IrksomeSolid09
    GT: IrksomeSolid09
    Id love to join looking to trade and working on a master outfitter.
  • mizchiv
    Soul Shriven
    GT: Mizchiv AD TR VR 7
  • thehiltons29ub17_ESO
    GT. Killer2969
  • ZOS_GregoryV

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  • Amackinnon65
    Bloodpackrecuit. Main is EP vet 8 but willing to make DC to help people level up.
  • azapcho
    GT: xXkiNG AzAXx

  • thehiltons29ub17_ESO
    GT: Killer2969
  • Avail
    Soul Shriven
    IXSwissXI eh
  • dollabrill
    GT: dollabrill
  • Tonixt
    Hi :)

    I just joined this wonderful Guild but I have been playing Elder Scrolls games since the unforgettable Morrowind...

    I am looking for some good friends 30+ years old (or at least mature)  to do Dungeons and other activities together, last night I went into “The Banished Cells” with a pickup group of teens and the experience was a bit frustrating, they talk trash and too much and also make fun of the NPC characters of the game, which I don’t like….

    If anyone is interested please message me to my gamertag: Tonixx777

    I am an Altmer level 22 on Xbox North America Server NY (Eastern Time)  I play everyday at night, I am 52 years old and like layback playing, exploring and enjoying the game at my own pace and not rushing everywhere to just get XP or the latest armor, Tamriel is a wonderful place to visit :)


  • RwDestiny
    I'll take an invite if you are still together... Thanks, D
    Server: XBox One-NA
    GT: RwDestiny
    Character: Thaleal
    Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion
    Race: Wood Elf
    Class: Stamina DPS Nightblade
  • boom782
    GT Boom782

  • G3TU50M3
    Soul Shriven
    Hello my Gamertag is G3TU50M3 and i would be interested in joining the guild i and a DC member.

    (its a zero)
  • eepicduck
    Soul Shriven
    GT: eepicduck
    Level 30 High elf (AD)
    Love the Roman Empire, hope to see an invite and fun recreation!
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