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Veteran Maelstrom Arena - Any changes?

I'm curious about vMA, since I've never run it, but I am about to during a 1-week holiday that I have soon. (CP561 mag sorc built for that)

After the holiday, the update will land on PS4 and I assume it will somehow affect vMA... but how?
  • Monster sets won't crit, right? Will Ilambris still be worth it, or two 1-piece items from different sets? (e.g. Iceheart spell crit + Molag spell damage)
  • 39 more champion points. This will, in theory, make Maelstrom slightly easier, right? Easier to sustain resources.
  • I saw someone mentioning that there will be some changes to mobs and monsters. Are these massive in practice (in vMA)?
  • Ultimate is capped at 500. Is Overload still the thing?
  • Anything else?
  • RoyJade
    Ilambris is not so good for maelstrom, since most mobs die fast or move a lot, even now two one piece set is slighly better most of the time IMO.

    39 more cp will give you a great increase, so yes.

    No particular change for monsters in maelstrom from what I've see, but I could be wrong.

    If you can burst down a boss with less than 500 ultimes, overload will still be great. If not… well, be prepared.

    Better weapons loot will make maesltrom less frustrating. A little less. A little tiny tiny tiny less… Still better than nothing.
  • Panth141
    Just keep an eye on the Nereids in stage 5. They may give people a bit of a surprise next patch.
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  • souravami
    Panth141 wrote: »
    Just keep an eye on the Nereids in stage 5. They may give people a bit of a surprise next patch.

    Why? What changed about them?
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  • Joy_Division
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