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LF a late night guild

Hey guys I'm looking for a late night guild as get off work late and my guilds are low active then just wondering if there are any late night guilds around
  • Da11yD
    Edited by Da11yD on January 1, 2017 12:52AM
  • Da11yD
  • Ammogirl1119
    What hours are late night for you??
  • Daishin15
    My GT is Daishin15 and I run Fairy Tail Guild and all Are welcomed to join
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  • Da11yD
    I play all hours but most free time 10pm-5am eastern standard dallyd9390
  • Sigtric
    You might look and see if you can find an Australian/Oceanic based guild. Their prime time is NA night time.
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  • Da11yD
    Ya most are eu tho
  • Marginis
    My RP guild, Magicka, is recruiting, if you're interested. Link Here if you want to learn more, or send me a message on xbox live for an invite or more info (gamertag: Senpai Fluffy). I don't know if we're "late night" or late night per your standards, but we'd love to have you!
    @Marginis on PC, Senpai Fluffy on Xbox, Founder of Magicka. Also known as Kha'jiri, The Night Mother, Ma'iq, Jane Shepard, Damia, Kintyra, Zoor Do Kest, You, and a few others.
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