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I know its not really worthy of a thread but i laughed so hard i feel like sharing.

I was soloing a dolmen no big deal but i didnt realize i had a memento active instead of a potion for my quick slot thing.
So instead of using a potion my toon started this lengthy memento that i couldnt "animation cancel" haha.

She died right after the animation stopped amd felt bit embarassed as someone arrived that must have been thinking wth is she doing haha
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  • Caligamy_ESO
    I've done this with the malacath flame memento too often. Its more embarrassing when you're the tank in a pledge..
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    This crit chance stacking meta we've been living in for 2 years now is incredibly boring and uninspiring for build diversity.
  • Ackwalan
    Ha. Gobbling down your food, when you thought you were chugging a regen potion.
  • itsfatbass
    Wait, people actually quickslot mementos? WTF??
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  • Dragonnord
    Wait, people actually quickslot mementos? WTF??

    Of course! The Mudball memento. :D:D:D
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  • Rohamad_Ali
    Standing in my first eye of the flame experience

  • nikigwil
    Setting off my ultimate by accident or falling of a keep wall in pvp just as the keep goes under seige :).
  • Runs
    Box of Forbidden Relics... If accidentally used in battle that one sucks heavily. I have done it many times to the point I no longer keep it slotted.
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    [Deleted User]
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  • TheShadowScout
    Methinks getting "Eye-of-Flamed" or falling off castle walls, or setting off Ultis is a bit too common to count as "Epic Fail"...

    How about dashing into combat when you forgot to re-equip your weapon after you took it off for a "scene" screenshot? Boy was that embarrassing for my sorceror...
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