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New ideas for ZOS to implement to the game

  • Arthur_Spoonfondle
    8. Flying Mounts.

    Go and play WoW.
  • altemriel
    8. Flying Mounts.

    Go and play WoW.

    "No, no, now Tamriel."
  • Pendrillion
    No Dwemer airship? B)


    Go play Morrowind ^^
  • ArnoTerranova
    Wow, many cool suggestions here,
    how about these?

    - A grouping system that works also for trial, show your timer, and show the kind of reward you may get, etc. This grouping tools is really frustrating.
    - A legendary quest you can obtain from Lorebook collections. Make it count !
    - A legendary quest for guild that could be obtained (rarely) from a boss. For example, the quest could oblige the guild to collect ressources etc. to open some secret temple and...
    - Some forge/leathercraft/woodworks items that are not related to armor & weapons. Some housing materials, component, furnitures, etc? That would be cool.
    - The possibility to work on a armor or a weapon at a forge/learthercraft/woodstation to change the trait.
    - To help newplayers, and me when I m tired, a more visible distinction between forge traits and enchantment. Some stones, glyph slot on the item could improve the visualization.
    - More options in game for buff indications, dps meters, etc. Those kinds of addons rarely work.
    - More weather effects.
    - Random world boss that appear time to time. So GUild or pickup raid can try to take them first.
    - Some mini pvp event with various pvp objectives (take flag, defend area, etc.). Well I know, many people asked for that and many argued against, saying that it would not cool to take people away from Cyrodiil but Im sure it would be very nice for people that don't have an hour to spend in Cyrodiil to get some fun in 10 min. And I think it may easily be integrated with a cool rgp background.

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    Koros Bone-Shield (lvl 50+) tank trial pve
    Koros Lust (lvl 50+) dps pve, pvp
    Seiri (lvl 50+) dps pve
    Wildfire (lvl 50+) dps pvp
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  • altemriel
    and there are new topics comming:

    - storage to housing (at least 500 space, upgradable, why should bank space be limited???)
    - adding higher visitor cap for housing
    - adding higher trophy cap for housing
    - adding rested xp bonus for "sleeping" few hours in the house
    - adding the possibility to show of all stolen items in your house, how cool would be that :smiley: - , there are tons of really pretty pieces, I would love to be able to show them off in my house :smiley: -
    - adding house color changes, slider to change colors of various house pieces :smiley: -
    - flowers, flowers, flowers, trees, lakes, bushes, lanterns, etc...
    - put all limited time offers back to crown for for untlimited time period, I guess the more wares you sell, the more money you get, so why limit your offer by limited time offers, what is the point of that :smiley: - ??(I want the demon wolf mount, and poison master costume :smiley: - , or the red fox mount :smiley: - )
    - jewelry crafting (not new, but necessary)
    - spellcrafting (not new, but necessary)
    Edited by altemriel on January 28, 2017 9:40AM
  • tinythinker
    altemriel wrote: »
    Dear ZOS,

    I had a creative evening yesterday and I came to these ideas, that it would be fun if you would include them into the game:

    2. Buffs during the night to vampires and werewolves
    3. Total night, like almost totally dark at least in some time of the night (midnight), which will make the character to carry torches (in case they would not have night vision - point 4.)
    6. Racial themed DLC - either all at once for each race, or one after another

    9. Underwater content
    17. Dragons - I know that according to the lore, they are asleep or hiden in this era, but come on ZOS, you can do it!!! They were so awesome in Skyrim!!! Or at least more Daedric Titans (Dragons changed by Molag Bal)

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @Wrobel @ZOS_KaiSchober @ZOS_RichLambert @Gidorick

    *pulls out a dusty tome and flips it open, muttering and tracing through the text*

    Ahh, there we are. Something to flesh out that original list a bit:

    2. Fun and lore-friendly Vamp/Werewolf buffs and debuffs.
    3. More/better darkness mechanics and shifting terrain
    A revised racial passive system that keeps the current theme but adds customization *or* a Background system based on race lore suitable for deployment in a DLC/expansion.
    9. Underwater exploration and combat
    17. Add missing races like Dragons, pre-mutilation Falmer, etc, *IF THEY ARE DONE PROPERLY*

    I like your lists, btw, OP :smiley:
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  • altemriel

  • KnightsMentor
    Weapon dyeing. House customizing editor like in Black Desert Online, or even like the Sims. Pretty much anything that allows us to further customize our characters, why on earth isn't there an option to dye our hair? Would also love to see vampire appearance alternatives.
    Edited by KnightsMentor on December 21, 2017 5:06PM
    Guildmaster: School of Julianos
  • Enemy-of-Coldharbour
    altemriel wrote: »
    14. Do a festival at least once or twice a year, when all the items that were once "limited time only" in the crown store should be returned to crownstore for some time (I want the demon wolf mount!!)

    This please! Also, do the same with the Golden Vendor; ALL gear for sale at once at least twice a year.

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