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What's a good way to test dps?

Hey folks,

What are your favorite methods of testing single target dps? I'm testing out some combos to see what provides the best damage, but can't seem to find a good place to test it out.

Some help? :) thanks!
  • Karamis_Vimardon
    Bloodspawn in Spindleclutch II is the standard form what I recall.

    Just need a healer and tank.
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  • OrphanHelgen
    Be sure to have the same buffs / debuffs on each test, or else you will get different results, eventhough your rotation and gear are the same. Also have in mind, if you do on bloodspawn, you prob will have way higher spellpowercure and combat prayer buff then you will have in any trial. Also for example, my kragh 2 piece do 3k dps on bloodspawn, but vary from 1,7k and 2,5k in vmol, depends on how much movement and ressing I do.
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  • nick_dean14
    On consoles our guild tests against Slimecraw in veteran wayrest sewers 1. You just need a tank to use the ranged taunt and stand there blocking, then time how long it takes to kill him.

    There's no big AOE attacks, so you don't need a healer to babysit you and he's right at the start of the dungeon as well, so it's really fast to try.
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  • altemriel
    if you are on PC, find boss monsters, or at least a troll or mamoth and use for example FTC addon, or Combat Metrics addon
  • Mic1007
    Blood Spawn in Vet Spindle II is the most accurate, as 3 million health is perfect for sustain-DPS testing. Slimecraw in Vet Wayrest Sewers I is also pretty good. :)
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  • Shader_Shibes
    Storm Atro in normal AA.
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