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Dungeon Queue Cooldown - please remove it or fix it

Soul Shriven
I am currently leveling toon two with ESO. I spent most of my MMO life as a WOW end game raiding vet but I promise I am not here to run irritating comparisons just hopefully constructive feedback. I completely understand why a dungeon cooldown is a useful tool. Ideally it should discourage PUG's from just group hopping at a whim. But in my experience they are not the ones who are actually at the mercy of this penalty.

After queuing for a protracted length of time you are invited to join a group that is in the process of disbanding - you are given a penalty cooldown and then have to start all over again. If you are unlucky enough this can happen several times and you simply will not be able to get a random dungeon in during that login session at all.

I have no issue with being kicked if I am getting the group wiped because I do not know the mechanics etc. But getting VTK before we even start and then put on penalty cooldown and having to reQ seems completely unfair.

I dont believe that players should be permitted to kick a player at dungeon start - it is a PUG you take your chances the gear level required should be measured by the system not by MR i am a leet tank and I want to roflroll this in five minutes - nothing wrong with the concept but a PUG is a PUG. Maybe there should be a VTK cooldown?

I have seen a few loose threads about this but please it is very debilitating to game play particularly as dps to be forced to constantly reQ for a daily random dungeon.
  • Perpatratur
    Soul Shriven
    I have to agree. Levelling another toon and wanting to hop into a few dungeons as I am sure most people do. I am often kicked before the loading of the dungeon has taken place. This can only be down to my low level. To then have to wait another 15 minutes seems unfair.
  • jakeedmundson
    I get screwed by the activity finder almost daily... 4 times yesterday actually.

    queued as a tank for the v daily... wouldn't let me join the dungeon because "the instance is full"
    queued as a tank for the normal daily... put me in a group of 5 and i couldn't join the dungeon again...
    same story 2 other times as a healer for the dailies..

    this needs to get fixed asap. getting screwed into an extra HOUR of wait time is insane. I could maybe understand the cooldown timer if the group finder actually worked.... but it doesn't.
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  • Antianara
    Soul Shriven
    Just a quick update there - I have been q'd for almost an hour my group pops while I am in combat the group kicks me because it takes 20 seconds for me to finish killing the pats. Dungeon cool down and it looks like no random today again.

  • Antianara
    Soul Shriven
    If you are one of these people would it really kill you to at least refuse the VTK rather than be a sheep? I constantly refuse to kick when the vote is mere impatience and until this is fixed it is the only way it can be stopped.
  • Icky
    I Q all the time and it works fine for me. Sometimes it screws up when I group Q with less than 4 members.
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