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Public Dungeon Boss Respawns

"Hey, waiting for boss to respawn?"
"Yeah, I've been here for 10 mins."
"I know, It's ridiculous. I can't believe this game has been out for 2 years and they still haven't fixed this."
"Yup, it sucks."

That conversation (based on a real one I had today in-game) pretty much sums it up. I see no reason why boss respawns should be as long as they are. I know people used to farm them in the past, but I'm pretty sure that was fixed by having a cooldown on loot. But I'm also pretty sure that boss respawns were shorter back then too. Did they remove the loot cooldown in favor of a longer respawn? That makes no sense because they just makes other players have to wait around for respawns if they want to complete the dungeon.

TL:DR - Please reduce public dungeon respawn times, but I guess keep (or re-institute?) boss loot cooldown to prevent loot farming. Thanks.
  • Sounomi
    If a boss doesn't show up after 10 minutes you should go kill some of the ones that have spawned to trigger a chance for them to show up as well.
  • Leandor
    a) You are in a public group delve with several bosses: Kill another one until the one you look for spawns.

    b) You are in a delve: Walk away from the boss spawn location (usually outside of the room/area he is in), turn around and walk back in. Boss is respawned if you haven't killed it on that day before.

    c) You are in a Cyrodiil delve: Well, you're probably in Pothole Caverns waiting for Diabolist Vethisa. You have found the mother of all RNGbosses.
  • Ja50nX
    Bosses are not actually on a timer. Only so many will appear at once so go kill a couple others & the one you want will appear.

    Took me a while to figure this out myself & I havnt had an issue since I did.
    PS4 EU
    Ebonheart Pact

  • Jah
    Interesting. Thank you for your replies. Would be nice if they'd let us know about these mechanics (or do they somewhere?)
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