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Issue with dual wielding set swords?

I'm currently playing PvP and I happened to notice that my two Leki's Swords(dual-wield) are not registering as 2 items in the set. Therefore, I'm not granted the 2 item bonus from the set. I don't know why this is, because sometimes it's fine and then it's not?

Best Answer

  • DHale
    Send in screen shots and use the in game function for reporting mods read this chat not any devs.
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    #SORCLIVESMATTER actually they don’t or they wouldn’t keep getting nerfed constantly.
  • AJ_1988
    I've had that problem before seemed to corrected it self tho. But to be sure these days I use different traits or different enchants or style for both swords. Tho I had 2 vd swords exactly the same and they registered separately.
  • CynicalScarecrow
    Do you swap swords sometimes? For item bonus these two swords have to be equippend and active (skill bar).
    If you swap wheapons and these two aren't active you won't get the set bonus.

    That was the issue. Thank you, I panicked due to the tempers and money I invested into them.
  • EleonoraCrendraven
    You are welcome. Glad I could help
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