Access Code Incorrect?

Soul Shriven
I have just started the game up for the first time and I am being asked to enter an access code after trying to login. I received the code in an email and copy pasted it into the box.. but the game is telling me

"Your previous attempt to enter an access code failed. Please check your email for the correct code and type it into the text field below. If you cannot locate this email, please try again in **hrs**min**sec to have a new code sent"

I then just tried typing the code in again, but I get the same error. Does a new code get issued via email straight away? If not I think it a little unfair I have to wait 24 hours to try again?? Especially when it clearly was the correct code I entered?
  • Wolfvalor
    Soul Shriven
    I'm sorry to double-post, I can't see an edit button.

    A new code came through about 40 minutes later.. but the error remains the same.
  • ZOS_CoriJ
    Are you making sure to type with all spaces included? The space between letters and numbers that is shown is counted in the code unlike some other services. If you are copy and pasting it may be worth checking for any spaces before or after the code.
    If you're still having issues with your next code, let us know.
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  • Juponen
    After a Win10 update today I just had this same issue.

    Copy-paste or manual input, uppercase or lowercase, the game did not accept the code. Then I got message that my account was locked for 10 mins for too many tries. Meanwhile I had got a new access code via e-mail(!). It didn't work, but I got YET another access code in e-mail. I carefully entered the latest code and was rewarded "An error has occurred.Please wait for a few minutes"

    This is the same message one gets when the server is too busy to accept new logons but after waiting a couple of minutes and entering the code it was again rejected AND YET ANOTHER CODE was mailed to me.

    You guessed, it didn't work. At this point I just had to come and rant here.

    10 of 10 for annoying the customer. At the very least make it clear to the player if your server is incapable of handling logons or whether the player entered invalid access code. AND FOR CODS SAKE do not change the code after just one failed try.

    Now I have entered many different access codes without results. And I must say to you sirs that...


    OMG, the second try with the 8th code actually WORKED. I'm in. I must be one lucky ***.
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