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Wood orc?

Anyone tried playing a wood orc? Was thinking of doing a dw/bow nightblade with werewolf curse as an orc on the aldmeri dominion. Seems like it could be a more interesting take on the "assassin" archetype!
  • Jaemeson_Foster
    Woah nevermind I had no idea how dumb orcs looked in eso xD
  • Ferretstalker
    Woah nevermind I had no idea how awesome orcs looked in eso xD

  • Amos
    lmao funny indeed.

    orcs are just fine in the looks department ;) might take a lot of slider play and body paint but you will be fine lol. They get a super fast runnign perk which sounds like the ticket for a wood orc.
  • Korah_Eaglecry
    Compared to their WoW and LotR counterparts Orcs in Elders Scrolls Online are rather easy on the eyes. Of course you can do your best to make them as ugly as sin. But hey, thats up to you.
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  • EsoRecon
    Woah nevermind I had no idea how dumb orcs looked in eso xD

    was literally going to come in here all loud a scream the same thing... why did you have to beat me to it.
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  • Feynn
    Woah nevermind I had no idea how dumb orcs looked in eso xD

    My Orc character is going to add your name to her list of grudges.
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  • ForestGuard
    I have a Wood Orc.

    Wood Orcs are awesome.

    More people need to play Wood Orcs. Wood Elves need better friends than high elves. >_>


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