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Will we see Directx 12 support?

As title reads.
  • Arkadius
    Is a DX12 upgrade a possibility in the future? ESO runs pretty darn well, except when there are many things requiring animation on screen at once. My slight understanding of this is that there are too many "draw calls" going out in such situations, and that DX12 handles them drastically better. Right now I run my game on lower settings specifically because of the lower framerate I get in cities, and it sounds like DX12 could improve the situation.

    Yes, we are planning on a DX12 upgrade and expect that this will give us a number of graphics performance improvements. We cannot provide an ETA at this time, but it is something we’re working towards.

  • Techkey1
    Oh yes!
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  • khele23eb17_ESO
    Yes, no eta :P
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  • Elf_Boy
    Good thing I just picked up a dx 12.1 card.

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  • scibur314r8t
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