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Scathing Mage on PTS

Hey guys, I read on some recent official patch notes for PTS that the Scathing Mage set is getting buffed from 10 to 20% proc chance.
To me, this sounds like a pretty decent chance at having it's up time pretty much max. 6 seconds every 8 seconds.
I was just curious, has anyone tested this set on the PTS?
Apparently the set is a pretty big let down considering it takes a long time to farm (though drop chance being increased to 250% of current) and it just didn't have enough up time to be better than Julianos.
I find this set interesting, and am wondering if it's even worth trying to farm for.
In theory, full full up time that averages about to 400 spell damage, as opposed to 300 constant from Julianos.
Thought? Data? Insight?

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