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Race Choice Importance

Hey all,

Just wondering if I made a mistake when I created my characters oh so long ago... I currently have a VR3 Imperial NB, VR3 Imperial Templar, and a VR2 Breton Sorc. I'm thinking about finishing off my NB, or Templar, and making them magicka based heals / DPS.

Did I gimp myself potentially based on not choosing one of the magicka based races/passives? How much will I be losing out on DPS/Healing wise on my Templar/NB in the end?

Any help is appreciated.

  • Niaver
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    Erazar (main) - Khajit DK tank

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  • ashlee17
    I use sub optimal races and have no problems. But it's definitely an individual choice. In game race changes are coming. Confirmed on eso live a few weeks ago.
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  • Sharee
    Unless you are in a competitive PvE guild hunting for world firsts and beating everyone's time at trials, i think the race will not prevent you from enjoying the game. It does make a difference, but your performance will be 2 parts race, 98 parts the player behind the keyboard anyway.

    My magicka DK is an orc btw *cough* :)
  • Mojmir
    big difference for me, DK dunmer magicka, redguard stamplar, bosmer NB, imperial anything
  • leepalmer95
    Imperial is one of those races that lets you switch between magicka and stamina without too much penalty.
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  • JasminaChillibeaner
    The Breton sorcerer will be good fun to heal with after the changes to sorc heals in Thieves Guild!
    Despite the fact that race/class combinations can make a significant difference in certain roles you can get anything to work at least moderately well.
    Leader of Constellation
    PvE Templar Healer and Achievement Hunter
  • Volkodav
    I've never thought about which race is the best or which isnt.I just go with whatever I like.Never regretted it yet.
    Having said that,there was one I would have changed his rave,and that eas my first character that I made. I hated the way he looked,so had to keep him hidden under a helmet.He id the one who got me all my dyes too.I eventually deleted him as I didnt play him anymore.
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