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Been Away from the Game: Help with Sorcerer Rebuild

Soul Shriven
I've been away from the game for quite a while, have forgotten a lot of the mechanics and with the "reset" of the game I have a lot of skill points and can't remember what I used them for in the character. Plus it looks like some things have changed. So I want to put my points back into my character Sorcerer VR1 to do mostly solo and world exploration. Thanks for any help.
  • Veske_Valrune
    ✭✭✭ Hope this is at least kinda what you're looking for
    North American Server
    Daggerfall Covenant
  • WhiteTigre

    look ate Deltia's gaming guide

    I used one of those builds and tweaked for myself and I find I out do most bosses and solo dungeons with ease.
  • The Uninvited
    The Uninvited
    Look up the Yolo Wizard build on Tamriel Foundry. Works for me, high dps and enough survivability
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  • Peel_Ya_Cap_517
    If you are running solo and exploring, the Daedric Pets are awesome! The Clannfear serves as your tank while the Twilight heals you. They distract the enemies you are fighting and you can still slot a couple more attacks while you are using them.
    N64 NA EP
  • Thelon
    If you are running solo and exploring, the Daedric Pets are awesome!

    The Unholy Herdman - Thelon's Pet Build

    Worth checking out if you're doin lots of soloing!
  • DrSkywalker
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks to all! This gives me a nice jump start!
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