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Need a Mentor PS4 NA

Soul Shriven
Hi, I am new to ESO. I have absolutely no clue how to play in MMO so like the title I'm looking for someone a group who has the patients to teach me the game and explain the to me the proper way of playing, leveling up, and to help me go through quest. You tell me what faction and race I have to be and I'll make a character. I just want to experience this game the correct way because a lot of people say this game is absolutely fun. My PSN is OD_Zeus. I'm 19. I live on the West Coast. Please looking for a mentor.
  • ramirodonreyes23
    Im not that high lvl and a lot of people will tell u to pick specific races and stuff but i say just do watevr u want and have fun as for gaming just research traits and not deconstruct or destroy im on daggerfall covennant and redguard ao far lvl33 add me if u want and i can help u out psn ramirodonreyes23.
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  • OD_Zeus
    Soul Shriven
    Added you, thanks for the reply! I also have a DC Orc level 6.
  • iBkeelin
    I'm on AD and about to start new char. Add me if still have some questions
  • OD_Zeus
    Soul Shriven
    What's your PSN? @iBkeelin
  • Ffastyl
    I only have a PC to play ESO with, but should you have questions about advanced topics feel free to contact me via the forums. I have experienced most of the content present as a Breton Templar and am leveling an Imperial Dragonknight at present. You can see in my signature how much time I have invested in each character.
    just research traits and not deconstruct or destroy
    It is for the best to get started researching traits immediately. The 8th and 9th traits can take a month or more to complete as opposed to the 6 or so hours the first trait takes. But you should still deconstruct items for the inspiration they award (crafting xp), keeping in mind to save items with traits you do not know. Deconstructing most items you find and crafting your own gear will keep your crafting level in pace with your character level (i.e. You'll learn how to work Dwarven metal at about the same time you can equip/find Dwarven metal).

    I'll be more than willing to offer lengthy/detailed explanations on aspects of ESO you want to learn more about. :3
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  • Taemethius
    Lords of agony are a small pvp/pve ad guild with many members on the west coast.

  • iBkeelin
    Hey sorry. psn is iBkeelin
  • Mcdonalds_UHS
    Hey guys
    Im a casual gamer that does not know that much about playing in MMO's. I do love the Elder Scrolls series and have been playing for a while now. I got to VR1 by soloing and enjoying the quests. I would like to do Undaunted dungeons to get better gear and do PVP campaigns to have fun and learn about it.

    Anybody willing to teach and group up to make this a better experience. Im willing to learn and put in the time for it.

    PSN McDonald_UHS
    PS4 NA Server
    PSN: McDonald_UHS
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