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Tooltip value and inconsistency with Champion Point system

In the PTS 2.2.3, the tooltip value of a skill includes CP buffs. For example, if you have 100 points in Thaumathurge, the 25% increased magical damage is reflected in your Piercing Javelin tooltip. @Beltan3 told me that this also works for the stamina based CP signs. It is a really useful change and allows players to actually see CP increasing their damage rather than having to flaff around with actual combat and combat logs.

Unfortunately, the tooltip value of Force Pulse is not modified by Elemental Expert. It is done behind the scenes and actual combat and combat logs must be used to verify that Elemental Expert does increase the damage of Force Pulse. Could we please see the same treatment for Elemental Expert as Thaumathurge?
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  • Ezareth
    The value of a skill has always reflected CP changes in my experience. At least I know Fragments, mines and overload have increased when I put in additional CP points.

    Not sure about Force Pulse since I wouldn't have checked that.
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  • kojou
    People still use force pulse?
    Playing since beta...
  • Nifty2g
    People still use force pulse?
    Mainly sorcs which OP is a sorc, seeing as it is their damage source for pve and for pvp some use crushing shock still
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