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Stories of the Second Age Sign-Up Thread

  • Totalitarian
    I know this may be a bit late, but I just wanted to submit a character just in case.


    Name: Sola Auroron

    Age: 20 (well, elves age differently, so she very well may be older, but the human equivalent)

    Race: Altmer

    Height/Weight: 5'6", apx 130 Lb (I'm not really good with judging these in game)

    Eyes/Hair: Large green eyes, short brown hair

    Distinguishing Characteristics: Despite being full blood Altmer, she looks both man and mer.

    Notable Items: Sewing kit, woodworking tools, wooden statue to Azura and Meridia

    Appearance: Notably shorter Altmer who looks somewhat Breton. Short brown hair, and large green eyes add a surreal allure to her. A physically charasmatic person often described as 'cute'.

    Personality: Quick-witted, and equally quick-tongued. The combonation gets her consistently in and out of trouble. Verbally attacking to both those she knows and doesn't know, but not exactly a bad person. She's really just holding in her feelings, which she lets go privately, or on other rare occassions. A brilliant mage, but goes through trial and error, and she does not follow by set bounds and tends to create her own variations of spells and uses them how she pleases. That being said, she's self reliant and hates getting help from others; a true conceited woman.

    Background: Born and raised right in the Summerset Isles, to a wealthy familiy, Sola grew up in the lap of luxury. She rarely had to worry about anything, but she felt as if her parents were choking her with restrictions, but she knew not to disobey them, and she obeyed her parents for the most part. She always studied, but one day, in her studies, reading about the Daedric prices, which were apparently all evil, so she was told, she came across two who seemed better than the others. Azura and Meridia. In secret, she carved two little statues of them, and started to worship them alongside the other gods she prayed to. She just hoped nobody would find out. For the longest time, nobody did, but then, one day, her parents and her sister found out.
    They were shocked, and Sola thought they were just overreacting, after all, she wasn't sacrificing anything to malenevolent Daedra, but to these two notably different ones. Her family gave her the options of either turning herself in to the guard for Daedra worship, or them turning her in. In the night, Sola escaped and ran off to finally enjoy the freedom that faced her. It wasn't going the best for her, so she decided to join the Aldmeri Military, to get a bit of coin, and to explore even more. Her novel and unique ideas of casting and using magic were not accepted, and sometimes proved to be dangerous to more than just enemies. So, she was moved to being a medic. She was really good at it, and she always got to fight alongside soldiers, but she was forced to stop using her Destruction Magic in combat. She always loved Restoration, but it lacked the...excitement of Destruction, but her magical skill proved to be great with healing. Her adventures had started.

    As for myself, I'm 17 (18 in 2 months), and I haven't done much RPing, but I've been writing now for about 3-4 years, and probably have about 750 pages of material written on one story, and 60 on another, so I have experience in writing. I play on PC, so I probably won't be able to join in game, but I'm up for forums, and I like to keep my schedule clear, so I usually have time for anything.

    Ok, so in between the original post and this edit, I wrote this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v6aK4Rsev2EXQzqNhOSdt8-cxCkG-0E41XebZdP8DCo/edit?usp=sharing
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    Aedric Fury Sits Around Doing Nothing
    Sola Auroron Magicka Templar
    Lunaria Chimeri Magicka Dragonknight
    The Chosen of the Storm Stamina Sorcerer
    Ward-Scales Magicka Nightblade
    Sanctius Luxen Stamina Templar
    Nerwaye Auroron Magicka Sorcerer
    Warden Vyrkyl Stamina Dragonknight
    The Ninth Adventurer Stamina Nightblade
    Magna-Sola Magicka Templar
    The Celestial Lady Magicka Templar
    Read their adventures!
    The Celestial Lady
  • Tribunal_Power
    Kyle, looks good! I like your style! I'll add you to the character list.

    Guys, I finally made a post in War Never Changes. Sorry for the delay, hopefully we're back on track now.

    Again, everyone feel free to start up threads with each other, one on one or in a group! Everyone here is a capable RPer and I'd like to see you guys able to RP even when I drop the ball! Lol
  • Evi1_An9e1
    ok sorry but I swear I had put this comment in the wrong thread but didn't so now I am fixing it again, been a long night.

    Wanders, lets do a thread that is like a friendly assassin rivalry. It can be Shadowscale vs. dunmer assassin of Mephala
    Edited by Evi1_An9e1 on July 25, 2015 7:12AM
  • Evi1_An9e1

    Kayd Aldwyr

    Age: around 27

    Race: Redguard

    Height/Weight: 5’10/156lbs

    Eyes/Hair: Blueish/Brown

    Distinguishing Characteristics: War dreads decorated with jewels, body tattoos

    Notable Items: Curved greatsword, Ash’Abah garb

    Appearance: Dark hued skin with stubble, wears his hair in a mohawk made of dreads with beads in it, muscular tone and tattoos covering his body except his face.

    Personality: Kayd is a very gentle man to his friends and very fierce to his enemies. He is known to be untrusting of others not of his race but will not turn away someone in need. He is a devout follow of Tu’Whacca (Arkay in Imperial) and hates undead of all kinds. As an Ash’Abah his life’s mission is to kill undead and sanctify their bodies for departure to the Far Shores. His literacy is somewhat lacking but he speaks the common tongue and his racial language just fine.

    Background: Kayd was born into the Ash’Abah clan of the Alik’r to two of its greatest warriors. Destined for greatness at a young age, Kayd soon became an expert swordsman so good in fact his clan thought he was Leki incarnate. However this was not the case as the Ansei had been gone for a while now. Kayd always knew that his life would be spent killing undead and that he would never be accepted in normal society. After a necromancer and his accomplices terrorized his camp leaving only a few alive Kayd decided now was his chance to make a name for himself elsewhere. Kayd left Alik’r and wandered for a few years before settling down in the Summerset Isles. Here he was still shunned for being a Redguard but it was better than the reception he received in Hollin’s Stand or Sentinel. Eventually after the war really heated up, Kayd joined the Dominion Auxillary as an undead slayer. He was very good at this and his superiors noticed he sanctified the dead after, even mummifying his fallen comrades. It was here his story took a different turn, one that could shape the very fabric of Tamrielic history.
  • WandersWithMoonlight
    Goodness gracious, great balls of fire, you folks have been amazingly busy. New characters, a new thread, I gotta get myself caught up.
    I do wish to apologize for my absence. I had to move out of my apartment which required a lot of work, naturally, and just, well, more personal things bogging me down, which was sapping my drive for roleplaying and writing in general.

    BUT that is all over and done with and I'm back in the swing of things. So, again, I apologize for the absence, but I'm back, so I'll be around more often again.
  • Evi1_An9e1
    Good to have you back.
  • WandersWithMoonlight
    Also, I agree, let's totally do that rival assassin thing. That sounds fun! I'm pondering a thread too, but the concept is sort of...light. Which ultimately boils down to "Wanders invites the others she's met so far to drink at a tavern, possible shenanigans ensue."
  • WandersWithMoonlight
    Excellent! I've gone ahead and joined in!
  • KleinDovah
    Crap! I've forgotten to post because that brief sag in the posting kinda threw my routine off! I'm really sorry, I'll check it out tomorrow when I get some time!
    Why? Because I said so.
  • KleinDovah
    Bah! Apparently I lied. Between two jobs and watching my niece, time spun out of control. I'm really sorry, guys.
    Why? Because I said so.
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