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Stories of the Second Age Sign-Up Thread

Hail, friends! Blessings of the Three upon you!

I am looking for serious role-players that are interested in a forum-based role play involving their in-game characters. I think two or three people would be a good start, and we can expand if the idea catches on. I would love for these individuals to also be able to game with me and do quest stuff together and whatnot. I play on the XB1 NA server and play a Dunmer Dragonknight of the Ebonheart Pact. My character is around lv10 at the moment, so if you're interested in this deal and you don't have a char around my level or in the Pact, now may be a good time to create a new char!

The role-playing will take place here on the forums, in a turn-based play-by-post format. Posts are expected to be articulate and well-written, more than just a couple lines. The role-play will feature a lose plot but will be a character-driven story based on our interactions with each other! We can have one group forum, but we are free to make separate semi-private threads with each other as well. We will come up with a bracket tag [like this] to place in the thread name to discern them from the other rank and file threads.

A little about me: I am a 10+ year veteran to role-playing, and have about the same amount of investment in the Elder Scrolls universe. I am an amateur author and my works of fiction have drawn a lot of inspiration from TES on many levels. I have a love for community RPing and enjoy sharing it with other talented writers. If that's you, sign up here! Please be sure to list the following things to the best of your ability:
  • Your own age
  • A little about yourself, such as the amount of time you've been RPing
  • Whether or not you'll be able to join in-game as well as on the forums
  • A sample post of your character doing something-- anything-- so that I can get a feel for your style and ability

Some basic rules that should be observed are as follows:
  1. No killing PCs without consent. This is a co-op RP after all!
  2. No excessive violence against PCs without consent. Seriously, don't be a ***.
  3. Romance RPs must remain PG-13. These forums are monitored and this isn't HBO! Read a book or two on subtlety and everything will be fine.
  4. Stay true to your character! If your in-game character has a steel short sword, then your RP character doesn't have Chrysamere. If your in-game character becomes a vampire, your RP character should too in any new threads you start!
  5. Stay true to lore! Don't go nuts with your backstory-- you are not Vivec's brother or Sheogorath's gender-confused offspring. Stay down to earth and make your character something more likely in the TES universe (character flaws are encouraged!).

UPDATE: Please check out the Stories of the Second Age Info Thread if you're curious about our threads or members!

Looking forward to RPing with all of you!
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  • Evi1_An9e1
    Hey there Tribunal_Power! Love to RP in my RPG video games, makes immersion much better. Anyways I am 25 and have been into RPGs for most of my life. I have played Dungeons and Dragons (2nd edition and up) and Shadowrun as tabletops but have been into the Scrolls games since Morrowind (my favorite title). I have a dark infatuation with dark elves so my favorite race is Dunmer. I have a level 20ish Dunmer NB in the Pact that I can definitely play as well as frequent access to the forums. I play my character as kind of an up in your face dueler but can quickly disappear and get some sneaky jabs in if it starts getting ugly, he is also a vampire and I will address that in the backstory even though I couldn't RP it in game.
  • Tribunal_Power
    Hi Evi1! Glad to have you! I too am fiercely loyal to the Dunmer, thanks to my several-year obsession with TES3 when it came out.

    I am still concocting a backstory for my character, but I have a loose idea for it. I am thinking former Tribunal Ordinator, ejected from the Order for suspicion of debauchery; a man who has religious convictions that conflict with his pragmatic personality.

    Have you done forum-based RPs before? I may put together a sample post to exemplify how it works in case anyone interested in joining has never done one before.
  • Evi1_An9e1
    I have not but I'm a gas learner lol. Mine is a former ashlander but that's all I've got so far
  • KleinDovah
    Hey! I hope I'm not too late here.

    To start off, I've been 'roleplaying' since I was a little kid. Almost every kid with an imagination has. But I started forum roleplaying when I was... eight? Eight or nine, much to the chagrin of my overprotective mother. I'm fifteen, so that gives me about seven years of experience. I love it, and detail is my strongest suit, though I've been told that my dialogue is realistic as well. I've never done tabletop, so if this will have any aspects that especially draw from it, I'll need some time to adjust. My favorite game would be a tough battle between Oblivion and Skyrim. I first played Morrowind as a little kid but I didn't understand how to play, so I recently started getting into that, as well.

    I'm very lore-centric. People on my last forum often referred to me as the 'Librarian' because I love researching and memorizing lore so I can quickly use it. Digging through the Internet is what I do best as far as that goes.

    I'll most likely be able to join in-game most of the time. I'll be most active around noon-3 CST - earlier if I can drag myself out of bed - and 11PM-3 or 4 in the morning. I might be able to get on in between those times, it depends. But as far as the forum goes, I'll be on nearly round-the-clock. Being homeschooled and owning a smartphone really help is that aspect.

    I've been obsessed with Nords ever since I first started playing Elder Scrolls games, so the character I have right now - my first and only, as I only got the game three days ago - is a Nord Dragonknight, level... 8, I believe. I haven't thought too much about her backstory or her personality, but she's stolen quite a few things and pickpocketed, so I'm thinking she'll be a bit of a neutral type of character; stealing and selling for gold and a possible upper hand if blackmail is an option, but otherwise sticking fairly well to the laws of the land. She's a mêlèe fighter, right now wielding a two-handed axe, but she makes use of her special abilities as well. I'm thinking of making her a werewolf someway, but that's kind of up in the air for right now. I don't have much on her background right now, as previously stated, but I've decided that she's definitely an orphan.

    I've considered making a Dunmer woman as well, but, anyhow. I hope this was satisfactory.
    Why? Because I said so.
  • Tribunal_Power
    Welcome, Klein! Not too late at all!

    I'm comfortable starting with a group of three, so we can go ahead and start crafting profiles for our characters! We can post our profiles here-- be sure to copy the link from your post (that's the little number in the top right of your post, such as #6) and place it either in the signature of your profile, or at the bottom of each of your posts. This way, your character profile can be easily found while RPing.

    Here is the format to use. You can tweak it a little bit, but try not to stray too much so that all the important information is there!
    [Picture of your character-- use a picture of your in-game dude!]






    Distinguishing Characteristics:

    Notable Items:



  • Tribunal_Power
    Bandivar Morvayn

    Name: Bandivar Morvayn

    Age: Middle-aged

    Race: Dunmer

    Height/Weight: 5'11"/180lbs

    Eyes/Hair: Red/Red

    Distinguishing Characteristics: Missing little finger on his left hand

    Notable Items: Lute, riding Senche-Tiger named Else

    Appearance: Attractive by Dunmer standards, Bandivar has deep red hair to match his eyes. He maintains a cultural tail of hair that reaches his shoulder blades, often hidden beneath his helmet. His facial hair grows much faster than most Dunmer, and is cropped into a pointed goatee, though inattention leaves stubble along his jaw. Bandivar dresses in muted colors and simple clothing, often simply a gambeson and breeches beneath his amror. He was once proficient with maces, as were standard issue in his Order, but also excelled at swordplay, particularly with scimitars; now he is rarely seen without a set of blades upon his hips.

    Personality: Bandivar was once a stoic man, but he has become less rigid in recent years and has learned to enjoy his time in the world a bit more shamelessly. He enjoys drinking and womanizing, but rarely departs too far from his reserved behavior. He has seen violence all his life, and has grown into a stubborn and hardened man whose primary concerns are security and survival. He is guarded and suspicious, and his life spent in service of the Tribunal temple has led to a lack of exposure to the fairer sex; thus, he is somewhat inexperienced with women, leaving him a weakness for flattery. He is slow to trust and quick to confront, but has an authoritative charisma to him that came from service in the Order.

    Background: Born and raised in Mornhould, Bandivar was the treasured son of the Morvayn family. He was raised on the staunch religious traditions of the Tribunal Temple, and as a boy dreamed of being an Ordinator. He was always the skinny boy, and often drew the beatings of bigger children, but he grew tough and mean and began to fight back. He excelled at his studies at an early age, but the more he was bullied, the more he began to fight, and his studies began to slack. His childhood memories are more of bloodying bullies than being bullied itself, and he remembers these times as analogies that became useful later in life.

    When he came of age, he was sponsored to join the Order, and took his trials in the temple. He passed, and so his training began on the job. For years, he served the temple righteously; he memorized the City of Light and Magic, every alley and street and resident in his district. The righteous ferocity with which he fought when called to drew the awe of his comrades, and for a time, there were rumors that he would be ideal for the next selection of the Hand of Almalexia, her personal bodyguards. Then he met Nolla.

    Nolla was a young dunmer maiden, the daughter of a mage who had a poor reputation with the temple. Bandivar encountered her multiple times through the course of his duties, and although she was attractive, he never gave her any more attention than she was due; that is, until he encountered her on a patrol, serving her own profession. Nolla was a lady of the night, and she pedaled her wares to Bandivar that night; he told himself the Three would understand, for his choice to partake of her flesh free from the distraction of a relationship for only a handful of gold left him greater capacity to serve them. But the Order saw it differently, and in time rumors began to swirl around this Ordinator and his evening activities, leading to the Patriarch ejecting Bandivar from the Order under suspicion of debauchery. This was a graceful option; had the temple pursued the charges, Bandivar may have been formally arraigned and prosecuted for crimes against the temple.

    After his ejection from the Order, his family was shamed. The Morvayn name was tarnished, and became a joke amongst the populace of Mournhold; the family was forced to sell its manor because no servants would serve and no businessmen would do business with them. With his family ruined, Bandivar fled Mournhold in the night to hide his shame and pursue his fortune elsewhere in Tamriel.

    He found employment throughout the Morrowind mainland among sellswords and the Fighter’s Guild, many of whom were Nords that became fond of Bandivar’s newfound drunkenness. He found that his noble upbringing clashed comically with the uncouth culture of the Nords, and over the years the term “Milk-drinker” nearly became a jovial moniker. He learned dual wielding from his companions, and again topped many of his comrades in the way of the blade.

    It seemed to him that this was his life, until one day he awoke in the damp, dank cells of Coldharbour…
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  • Evi1_An9e1

    Name: Galdryn Arethi

    Age: Appears young

    Race: Dunmer

    Height/Weight: 5'8/157lbs

    Eyes/Hair Red/Black

    Distinguishing Characteristics: Telltale signs of vampirism, has scars on his chest from a hunt

    Notable Items: Ashlander flute, loyal guar mount named Ash Tooth, ancestral necklace

    Appearance Pale skin and accented eyes that are the color of blood, he keeps his hair pulled back into a ponytail and has a goatee that is a couple inches long. Scars from a hunt that he attended during his time with the nomadic Ashlander tribes riddle his chest. He wears many outfits depending on his mark but during his leisure, Galdryn sports Ashlandic style clothing. He carries a sword and dagger as well as a handmade bow.

    Personality: Galdryn is distant and untrustworthy of most folk especially outlanders thanks to his upbringing. His early life has hardened him but also made him aware of the larger threats in the world that most do not. He is very intelligent and book smart for a nomad and he struggles with his feeding urges as a new vampire. However he does not allow this to hamper his performance during jobs and sometimes needs to take time to pray to his ancestors and the original Tribunal to help him through. Galdryn is very loyal to those he can trust and will drop everything to help a friend in need. He believes in anything that will help the greater good, a kind of one death can help spare thousands mentality. He can also analyze a situation and react accordingly to most outcomes due to his training received during his adolescence. He is very well spoken and speaks with the elegance of a noble but with the tone of an ashlander.

    Background: Galdryn was born into one of the Ashlands tribes of Morrowind. His whole life he had been told that the Great Houses wanted nothing more than to leave them to rot or exploit them for gold. His mistrust in civilized dunmer was fueled even more when they were attacked by House Dres soldiers looking for runaway slaves and accused the ashkhaan of harboring them. Several years went by afterwards and Galdryn had become a proficient hunter with the bow able to even take down the nimble cliff racers that make Morrowind their home. His most trusted friend was the Ashkhaans son and they spent many a day hunting, fishing and aiding the guar herders. When he was of age his father gifted him with a guar of his own who took a liking to the ash yams Galdryn would give him affectionately calling him Ash Tooth.

    It was not long after that one of the Great House Telvaani representatives came to their camp seeking to teach the tribe about the tribunal temple and all that they were missing by living in the wastes. They brought books, food and even clothing only to be met with hostility and disdain. Galdryn hid away some of books so they would not be burned like he knew they would and began to read about the majesty of Mournhold and about the great hero Nerevar, whom he knew only about through the neravarine prophecy beforehand, and all the while his mind dreamed of one day seeing these places. One night his father caught him reading and chastised him. He was forced to burn the books he had protected and told that such behavior was heretical to the good daedra. Galdryn left his camp that night in pursuit of more than just living off the land, he wanted to see the Tribunal Temple and the great Telvaani mage spires.

    Alone and afraid, Galdryn ended up passing out in a field of ash yams miles away from his home and awoke in a bed hours later. An old dunmer woman sat beside him, she reminded him of his wise woman but had a softer face. She was a noble of the Arethi family and having no children of her own, adopted him. It was here he learned of the blade and after showing a knack for sneaking up on her Galdryn also learned the art of subterfuge and disguise, able to take on multiple persoanas. It would be three years before he left the Arethi farmhouse and with his skillset Galdryn set out to utilize them, becoming a freelance assassin and thief. Galdryn did soon make a name for himself in the areas of the Stonefalls and his work oft took him to Skyrim, which is where his first failed job occurred. He was to steal a rare gem from a cave that was supposed to be lightly guarded by nord war priests but instead was inhabited by a vampire. Galdryn had never encountered a nightspawn and was easily overwhelmed and outmatched no matter how much he fought and tried to spot a weakness. Before he knew it he felt life leaving him and when he awoke he was no longer in Tamriel.....
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  • WandersWithMoonlight
    Doesn't seem like I'm too late to hop in on this, and I certainly hope I'm right! Anyway, I might as well start of with a little bit about me here. I'm 27 years old and I've been roleplaying since...well, certainly feels like I've been doing it forever. Must be at least 15 years. Certainly over 10. I'm actually an amateur author as well! I primarily write fantasy and, among other fantasy series, The Elder Scrolls has been a massive influence on my own work as well. I never really thought I was, but it is pretty refreshing to hear of another author who got inspired in the same way.

    I have several characters, but the first I made with being an RP character is one I share a namesake with. Wanders-With-Moonlight is a quiet and reserved female Argonian, who fled from a life she didn't want in Black Marsh in favor of wandering Tamriel and simply experience her people and other cultures; seeing all there is to see and learning all there is to learn, with no sense of one being superior or inferior to the other. She simply wishes to observe.

    She is the kind of person who who sit quietly in the tavern, at a back table, perhaps with a few close friends or by herself, quietly nursing a drink and people-watch. She would love to simply sit back, take in the ambiance; the sounds of idle chatter, mingled with laughs and playful taunts and jabs between friends and adventurers; the scents of spiced mead and bitter wines, roasted meats and simmered onions, cinnamon and other wafting spices lingering in the air like ghosts. This is where she feels truly at peace, being able to watch from afar. For her, it's a most reaffirming moment.

    I certainly have a lot more information on her personality and backstory I'm willing to provide as well, but I figured I should keep it simple for now.

    Ah! I forgot to mention. If you're on Xbox One, I sadly wouldn't be able to join for any in-game roleplaying. I'm a Playstation 4 player, but I'm certainly happy to join in the forum roleplaying.

    I feel I should also mention that I've got a pretty sizable bio for Wanders and other information, but I figured I'd hold off a while since the post is already pretty long.
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  • KleinDovah
    I'm a little slow, I apologize. But my character is nearly finished, I'm just finishing her biography.
    Why? Because I said so.
  • KleinDovah

    Name: Svenik Roh.

    Age: An estimated twenty-seven years.

    Race: Nord, with a distant dash of Redguard.

    Height/Weight: 5’10”/174lbs.

    Eyes/Hair: Blue/Red.

    Distinguishing Characteristics: A long, silky scar running the length of her right forearm, starting at the base of the thumb, and a circular birthmark on the left side of her neck.

    Notable Items: A two-handed battle-axe called ‘Rhorlak’s War Axe’, and a silver flute.

    Appearance: Though very much resembling of a Nord, Svenik wouldn’t say she’s too hard on the eyes, with her red hair – tangled as it is – tanned complexion and blue eyes. And, though bearing a number of scars, she has been fortunate to avoid too much permanent disfigurement.

    She usually wears a simple white tunic and tight-fitting brown cotton trousers beneath her armor, switching to heavier things and layers in the colder regions if necessary. Her pack is of common design; not very special, but sturdy.

    Personality: Most who know Svenik can identify her as a bit of a wildcard. Generally very self-serving, she has been known to leave the injured behind in an effort to preserve her own life. Despite this, she has been seen to act with kindness and generosity, especially towards the weak and the poor when not in danger. Thankfully, her loyalty can also be bought, though often for a steep price.

    Mercenary work and her own past has made her a cautious and wary creature, often refusing to trust even those more than deserving of it. She can be very manipulative at times, especially if it means getting ahead herself or avoiding trouble with the law. She has no qualms about attacking the image of somebody who has wronged her until there is nothing left – basically, she holds a mean grudge.

    While humor is not lost on her, she very much prefers the art of sarcasm to silly jokes.

    Background: Svenik knows little of her origins, save for the fact that she was discovered in a small merchandise cart in Windhelm, and subsequently placed in an orphanage, where she remained for five years. A fairly wealthy Imperial couple – Arlowe Olcinious and his wife, Rena – who were on their way to Morrowind inquired about adopting her after spending a bit of time in the orphanage. The process usually takes much longer than a day, but with some bribing, the Matron let Svenik go with them within a few hours. Though they were all pleasantries and niceties inside, as soon as their cart got a ways down the road, she was periodically forced to walk alongside the cart, rather than ride in it, only being taken back in to eat and make sure she didn’t get too much wear on her.

    They bought an estate in Almalexia, and were quick to purchase a number of slaves, some of which were human, but most were Khajiit or Argonian. In the public eye, she was ‘Livia’, the daughter whose only purpose was to boost the growing image of the Olcinious clan. Behind closed doors, she was nothing more than a slave, even bunking with a number of them. But she was obedient, because even if she was treated like little more than vermin, she was still safe and fed. But three days before her eleventh New Life Festival, she was finally convinced to participate in an escape her bunkmates had planned for months. Using smuggled lockpicks and rope from the stables, they escaped through a third-floor window, as the corridor was only accessible during the day and therefore, unguarded. Most of them scattered, but Ril-Dar, the older Khajiit who led the escape, stayed with Svenik. For a time, they laid low, posing as beggars during the day but stealing food at night, even the occasional handful of coins to pay for new shoes or a room in an inn when it got too cold. They managed this for three years before their luck finally ran out.

    A bounty had been posted on the two, little did they know at the time. They were unusually careless about hiding out for the night, and finally, they were found within an abandoned home, asleep. The guard who discovered them didn’t hesitate to wake all the neighbors in an attempt to make their presence known. Figuring Svenik would have a better chance of living a full life, Ril-Dar sacrificed himself in an attempt to distract the guards, so she could escape. And she did. Taking with her a rusting dagger and a few gold pieces, Svenik fled the city, hiding out in a tree until the guards stopped looking for her.
    The thirteen years that followed this escape were difficult. For a long time, she had a hard time trusting people, thinking they would find out about her past somehow and call the guards on her. After that time passed, she simply didn’t trust because people were, in her mind, rotten. It was all-too easy to bribe a person for information or silence, speaking from her own experience. So while she loaned her loyalty to people who hired her mercenary services – often simply retrieving ‘stolen’ items for people; murders were occasional but not refused – she could never trust anyone. As a fugitive from the law, you could only rely on yourself. So she taught herself to fight, using techniques in books and observing guards who were training. From a safe distance, of course. She started with a dagger but moved on to two-handed weapons when she gained enough strength to properly wield them. Her increasing battle skills meant that gold came a lot easier to her, as she could now kill fairly sized wild beasts and sell their parts for more gold than she could steal in one night. This meant that it was easier to stay on a path of ‘lawfulness’, for the most part. She continued to do her mercenary work until she was twenty-three, when she tried to focus more on using alternate means to make money, aside from adventuring. Woodworking came to mind. Resources were plentiful and it wasn’t difficult to pick up once she got all the necessary tools. Still, one day very recently, someone inquired about hiring her services. For the money offered, she couldn’t resist.

    Then the next thing she knew, it was cold, damp, and she had no idea where she was.
    I'm very sorry this is so long, and even more so if it's not a good profile. I'm very accustomed to creating long and drawn-out profiles, but I did try to keep it to a minimum here. I hope it's good, though, really.
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    Why? Because I said so.
  • Evi1_An9e1
    Its alright Klein I thought the same about mine and looking back at it I probably should've summarized parts and expanded others
  • Tribunal_Power
    Love the profiles so far guys! Looking good! Don't worry about the length, make it as long as you think you need to. Too long is better than too short!

    Wanders, you're not too late -- go ahead and put up a profile when you get the chance. I will begin a roster in the first post, and this thread will become the info thread for our RPs.

    Evil, you can embed your image by uploading the pic to tinypic.com and then putting the URL in between an [ img][ /img] tag without the spaces.
  • KleinDovah
    Imgur also works if you like.

    Edit: I've also finally given in and made a Dunmer.
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    Why? Because I said so.
  • Evi1_An9e1
    got it fixed, also klein your nord looks like an adult Merida from Brave lol I love it.
  • KleinDovah
    Haha, I hadn't thought of that before, but I do see the resemblance.
    Why? Because I said so.
  • Tribunal_Power
    For some reason, this site does not allow users to edit the first post of a thread. Weird. So I will be making another thread used to track approved player profiles and the threads for this RP series. Once made, I will post that here.

    This thread will continue to be used as an interest check and discussion forum-- people seeking to join may post here and we may discuss RP plots and such.

    I intend to make a thread in the coming day or two, which will include the two individuals currently approved and myself (and Wanders, if he/she submits a profile in time!).

    I'm thinking the initial RP will take place at a Pact camp or something to that effect. The war seems to be the best unifying factor for our characters.
  • Tribunal_Power
    Ladies and gentlemen, our info thread is live!

    Stories of the Second Age Info Thread

    EDIT: Aaaaaaaand then I found the right button to edit the first post and thread title. Derp. Oh well!
    Edited by Tribunal_Power on July 2, 2015 1:28AM
  • KleinDovah
    Sweet, just read the new page, and - by the way - thanks for approving me. If there's nothing else to do, I'll work a bit on leveling up my character and all that before the threads go live.
    Why? Because I said so.
  • WandersWithMoonlight
    Okay, sorry this took a while, but I am finally ready to get my profile up.


    Name: Wanders-With-Moonlight

    Age: Quarter-aged (not sure if that's the right term, but she's around her late 20s or early 30s or so)

    Race: Argonian

    Height/Weight: 5'7"/154 pounds

    Eyes/Hair: None/golden

    Distinguishing Characteristics: A few minor scars she got during her Shadowscale training when she was young.

    Notable Items: A necklace that was made for her by a childhood friend.

    Appearance: Most people might find Wanders look quite different from other Argonians, having pale almost pure white scales, often reminding people of the color of the light of the moon, which is part of how her name was chosen. She has golden eyes, that give off a friendly though somewhat aloof and distant feel. She has no adornments like other Argonians, no fins or spines.

    Personality: Wanders is a quiet and reserved Argonian. Which is not to say that she isn't friendly or impersonal. She is quite friendly, to absolutely everyone that she meets. She simply prefers to hear the stories of others as opposed to telling others about her own story. She is very accepting of others differences in beliefs and cultural practices, but she draws the line when they harm the lives of others or diminish their quality of living. Slavers, assassins (The Dark Brotherhood, the Morag Tong, etc) and so on. She mostly keeps to herself, but is always listening.

    Background: Wanders-With-Moonlight was born in Black Marsh, under the sign of The Shadow and at a very young age began trained in combat and stealth. At that age, she hadn't put much thought into what was happening; she was simply happy to learn these skills and improve herself and meet new people, even though some people seemed to regard the changes in her life with some degree of hesitance. When she was getting close to becoming of age and learned she would be inducted into the Dark Brotherhood, she quickly decided she wanted no part of it. Learning the skills was nothing more than something she wanted to do for the experience. She didn't want to actually use her skills to take the lives of others.
    She rejected it, but was told she had no choice. She decided to make a choice all the same, preferring to see the beauty that Tamriel had to offer rather than living in the dark, killing people in secret. So, under the cover of night, she took what little she could and left her home and didn't look back.
    She still keeps in contact with her family in Black Marsh as well as a childhood friend, Follows-The-Words. He was not a clutchmate of hers, but they were as close as if they were. They spend a lot of their childhood playing in the swamps and jungles of Black Marsh, where she often listened to Words talk. He aspired to be a scholar on Nord culture, a culture that fascinated him to no end and he would often tell Wanders about Nordic tales and cultural practices he heard. She didn't share the enthusiasm he had, but she loved listening to him tell these tales. The necklace she wears a gift she gave him before she left to remember him by. It's in a traditional Argonian style, so she can always remember home and him. The last she heard, he had traveled to Skyrim to pursue his scholarly efforts.
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  • KleinDovah
    Quick question: would we all be part of one guild or is it just the roleplay group?
    Why? Because I said so.
  • Tribunal_Power
    Looking good, Moonlight! You might want to imbed your pic though, its much more functional than a link.

    And Klein, no guild, just a group. If we get a lot of people down the road or something that may change, but not at this time.
  • WandersWithMoonlight
    Sure. I can do that! Haha. Sorry. Seems I'm a bit out of practice with forums here.

    Update: FINALLY. Okay, so, note to self: the [img][/img] tag is not friendly with imgur, apparently.
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  • KleinDovah
    Makes sense.

    Also, Wanders, did you use the 'embed' function in the post toolbar or just type in the tags?
    Why? Because I said so.
  • WandersWithMoonlight
    Mmh..I went with the embed option first, but, ah, I didn't really see a way to do it. I saw where I could enter a url or upload something, but it didn't seem to actually put the image in the post. Who knows, maybe I just missed something.
    So eventually I just went with the tags.
  • KleinDovah
    Ah. Well, for me there's an icon of a picture, and clicking it brings down a text box where I can paste the image URL in. Doesn't matter now but I thought it could be helpful for the future.

    P.S. what armor is that your Argonian is wearing? The entire ensemble, that is. I've not had the game very long but that armor is making me drool.
    Edited by KleinDovah on July 3, 2015 11:50AM
    Why? Because I said so.
  • WandersWithMoonlight
    I guess that's what was weird. I have the icon of a picture there, but it didn't seem clear to me whether or not it was, well, embedding the picture, since it just gave me the url box and nothing else. Seems a bit different from other forums I've used.
    Bah, now I feel like an elderly person trying to figure out modern gadgets.

    Anyway! THE ARMOR. I'm glad you like it! It felt like a lot of work getting it, but I'm a fan of it too. The gear set is as follows:
    Head: Linen Hat
    Chest: Linen Jerkin
    Shoulders: Hide Arm Cops of Health
    Waist: Homespun Sash of Health
    Hands: Betina's Fashionable Gloves
    Legs: Ordinator Chausses
    Feet: Dark Elf Scouting Boots

    All of them dyed Thalmor Black with highlights of Fighter's Guild Red!
    Edited by WandersWithMoonlight on July 3, 2015 8:08PM
  • KleinDovah
    Ah. Haha, that makes sense. The only reason I knew how to do it offhand was because I've been in forums since I was a kid, so it's not that bad. Doesn't make you seem all that elderly. :P

    Ah, thank you! If you don't mind a copycat I might acquire at least a few of those things for one of my characters, because it's really an excellent looking set.
    Why? Because I said so.
  • WandersWithMoonlight
    HAha. Yeah, I don't frequent forums a lot, so maybe I'm out of practice here. And sure! Don't mind a copycat at all. If it's an aesthetic ya like, I'm not gonna be all that picky about it. Haha. It was tough finding the sort of gear with the aesthetic I wanted for Wanders, but then, well, I went to store stuff in a bank for the first time and realized that whatever you store in there is shared between characters. So that was a handy thing to learn! Definitely made getting gear for her a heck of a lot easier.
  • KleinDovah
    Is it? That's handy, though I could see a flaw if you were a hoarder, haha. Which I am, heh.

    How'd you go about unlocking the dyes? I've not looked into it too much, all I have are pretty generic colors right now.
    Edited by KleinDovah on July 3, 2015 7:41PM
    Why? Because I said so.
  • WandersWithMoonlight
    Dyes are linked to achievements! So, I got Fighter's Guild Red, by, well, joining up with the Fighter's Guild. Thalmor Black was unlocked with some AD quests (so it seems that the dyes are unlocked across all characters too, which is also cool). There's a few tiers of dye colors, from common to really rare, which basically just means that they require different levels of work. Common ones you can get from just joining up with guilds, finish certain quests lines and stuff. The more "rare" a dye is, the harder or more complex/time consuming the unlock requirement is, more or less.

    Which sort of stinks, because the colors I really want are in the higher tiers.
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