How Many Times A Day Do You Get The Loading Screen At Random

  • danno8
    kwisatz wrote: »
    1 or 2 / year

    Same here. Only once ever. Can't even remember the circumstances, just that it happened once.
  • LucyferLightbringer
    1 or 2
    Picked 1 or 2 only because there was no "NEVER" option. Only time i get load screens is entering dungeons, switching maps etc.
  • Daraugh
    There's no "none" option.I haven't had a random loading screen since beta.
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  • Illumous
    1 or 2
    Do the 1 second loading screens that sometimes come up after fixing a postern wall count? If not, then my vote should be 0 and sometimes on a new moon 1.
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  • Athas24
    1 or 2
    Since there is no option for like 1x/week or less I chose the bias 1-2 per day. Sounds like somebody's connection/pc needs to get twerked on. :o
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  • Valymer
    3 or 4
    nastuug wrote: »
    nastuug wrote: »
    jkemmery wrote: »
    Dixa wrote: »
    never. look to your rig.

    please enlighten us with a technical explanation of how my i7, gtx580, ssd storage, all drivers updated rig is the reason for daily bugs in this game. Yesterday I crashed at least 30 times, and I get random loading screens aswell (often infinite ones that require me to terminate the process).

    Tell me, is my rig responsible for me logging in finding myself dead next to the Mournhold wayshrine aswell? (happend yesterday)

    I've worked with computers for years, but maybe you can teach me something new,

    or is it just a clueless assumption?

    Within 19 years of gaming, ESO is the most buggy experience I've encountered I'm afraid. Theres not enough space on forums to write down all the bugs I encounter. Still love the game..

    How much RAM do you have? What are your virtual memory settings and how full is your hard drive? If you have your virtual memory set to an amount that is close to, or less than the amount of available space on your hard drive, you will see crashes. Likewise, if you only have like 2GB RAM, no matter how good your Video Card and CPU are, you're going to be topping out and most likely crashing.

    8 GB ram, more then enough to run memory eating ESO. Virtual Memory is set to standard windows settings, haven't touched it. I have 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs, none filled. Should be enough for automatic Virtual Memory settings to work with if ever needed.

    you mean virtual memory amount set to higher then free storage space may cause problems right?

    Which SSD are you using? I'm running a Samsung 840 Pro with the Samsung Magician program to handle OS settings/adjustments with the SSD. Do you have any form of manufacturer tools/programs installed to assist with something like this?

    @LEGENDARYYY - Have you had time to review my post from earlier?

    I'm running the 850 PRO 256 GB (also with Samsung Magician) and I get loading screens at least once a day, especially in (but not limited to) Craglorn/Trials and Cyrodiil.
  • LtCrunch
    Where is the option for those who don't have this occur on a daily basis?
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  • Arundo
    Miss the option never. Cant remember that I had these loading screens, sure when I zone or enter something but not at random. Might be your PC or internet connection ?
  • Moonshadow66
    3 or 4
    I'd say it depends on where I am, but on my end, this mostly happens in towns, rarely outside.

    F.e. in Daggerfall, there are at least 2 spots where I get a loading screen for sure, but even then it depends from which direction I come. It's either in the Woodworking building right infront of the crafting table, or the town's gate to the left from that building.

    In Mournhold are also at least 2 spots where it's even funnier:
    When I approach the Woodworking table, I mostly get a loading screen, then it takes a while, then my character falls into nothing, then I get another loading screen, and then my character literally LANDS infront of the Clothing table inside the crafting building! I always hope no one saw it..^^
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  • cozmon3c_ESO
    1 or 2
    When a keep is taken in Cyrodiil

    or when you are running to the undaunted quests from the big ass tree in gratwood.
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  • theweakminded
    About once a week.
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