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Spedning more time walking than fighting. Forced to spec all HP?

  • reagen_lionel
    Dont think speccing in all HP is really the problem. I can do alright with every build my characters are.

    My problem is theres very little options to actually do small scale pvp. I really dont like the large scale pvp in place, so I generally dont do actual pvp in cyrodil at all. Theres no real reason to promote small scale pvp, or benefits. And not a reliable option to go seeking.

    that and forward camps not being a thing right now, doesnt help mitigate all the traveling too. Rather not just be bothered altogether.
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  • Etaniel
    woodsro wrote: »
    I don't see where having less health helps with learning not to die. I only have so much health so if I get stealth attacked I don't die quickly.

    Learning not to die comes from experience and getting a feel for the game more then anything else.

    Take 1vs1, I avoid those at all costs.why? Odds, only 1 of 3 things can happen and two of them are bad which us:

    1. I win
    2. I lose
    3. His buddies come along to gang up on me while I'm alone.

    Nah, those aren't favorable odds, a smart man places bets on favorable odds. Sure ill risk every now and then, but i don't make it a regular thing.

    There are plenty of kills and dticks to be had for those who are patient, death don't help my alliance the less I die the less points the enemy gets. Everyone has their own style, I have mine, but a lack of health didn't teach me this style.

    Haha if you're afraid of taking a 1v1 you clearly don't have a enough donfidence in your build. Health isn't what's going to save you. The most important part is to learn how to control a fight. Either you are super aggressive, forcing your opponent to waste his ressources healing/shielding/breaking free or even running away, or you are able to manage your ressources to tank until the opponent has wasted his ressources trying to bring you down. Killing your ennemy will get you further than avoiding him or spending all your points in health just so he takes 20 seconds to kill you.

    Also taking out 300 hp for 300 magicka might grant you an additional cast of a shield that could give you 600 hp. Just saying.
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