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Recent Actions Against Exploiters & Appealing a Ban

We posted this in another thread, but want to make sure it's also seen here.

Yesterday, we identified an item duping bug in ESO that some players chose to exploit. We acted quickly, and have since fixed the issue. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusing exploitable bugs, and those who were found doing so have has their game account permanently banned.

We want to thank everyone who reported this issue to us. In the future, should you identify what you think could be an exploitable bug, please send it to us in-game via /help or in our help center:

If you received a ban or suspension on your account and you would like to submit an appeal, you can do so on our website by following these steps:
  • Open the official ESO Support site and click on "Email."
  • Once the support email opens, choose Account / Billing under "What kind of problem are you experiencing?"
  • Choose "I would like to appeal a suspension/ban" from the Select a Subcategory dropdown menu.
  • Describe the problem in the space provided.
  • Click Submit Question to send the appeal to Customer Support

While we understand that not being able to access the game can be frustrating, we ask that you please refrain from creating forum threads about a ban or suspension you have received. We are unable to address or reverse account bans from the forums. Thank you for understanding.
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