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Guild Spotlight

  • Stridig
    Video Credit goes to Delphinia. Thank you so much!
    Photo Credit goes to Sorlhilde Kjaldsdottir. Thank you very much!
    • What is your guild’s name? Does that name have a special history of significance?
      Chapter House
    • When was your guild formed? Tell us the story of how the guild came to be.
      2018 - Be sure to view our video above. We all have a story to tell.
    • What alliance has your guild sworn fealty to?
      DC for PvP but welcome all
    • Why did you choose that alliance?
    • How many members does your guild currently have?
      500 with a Core group of around 40
    • Does your guild have a website?
      No website but you can reach us here -
    • What times and days is the guild most active?
      24 hours a day
    • What countries do your members span?
      US, Japan, Australia, and EU
    • What activities in ESOTU do your members enjoy doing together most?
      We absolutely love to PvP. We train new players, learn from veteran players, and most importantly, we build friendships.
    • What does your guild focus on in-game? Do your members prefer delving dungeons together, fighting for keeps in Cyrodiil, roleplaying in the taverns, crafting and trading, or a combination?
      We PvP 24 hours a day with representation around the globe. We have several PvE events for veterans and newcomers alike. We maintain a trader with ZERO requirements for our guild mates, and absolutely LOVE our weekly raffle. Some members stream their gameplay and others just chill out and talk. We do it all!
    • What makes your guild unique?
      Just look at us
      Also.... We get our gear from Wally World
    • Is your guild part of a larger alliance of guilds? Why did you join them?
      We work with other DC guilds daily. Cyrodiil would be a real mess if we didn't.
    • Does your guild ever host special events? If so, tell us about them!
      Yes - We have a weekly raffle, a weekly 20 skillpoint run, a fun run, trivia night and a dueling tournament. In addition to those events, we will run Trials, Pledges, Imperial City and Battlegrounds.
    • What is your favorite or most memorable moment as a guild so far in ESOTU?
      We make memories every day. It's not our most memorable or favorite moment that count. It's yours.
    • Does your guild secretly (or not so secretly) follow a specific Daedric Prince? If so, which one?
      It would hardly be a secret if I told you.
    • After a long day of adventuring, where does your guild enjoy gathering to wind down?
      We are everwhere. We like to do things as a Guild. You can usually find several of us together..... somewhere.
    • Tell us five fun facts about your guild.
      Every member has a voice at the table
      We have a hard time sitting still
      Our newest members can have crown if they want it. Even if this happens.
      We offer paid positions within our guild. Host events, advertise, run auctions and various other things. Put in effort for the guild and earn gold!!!
      Our Discord is open to all. We encourage people to check us out
      We have a very diverse and inclusive environment. We love you all!
    • On which gaming platform does your guild play?
    • If people are interested in joining your guild, who should they contact?
      Join our Discord and ask anybody anything you want! And be sure to look for this guy...
    Edited by Stridig on January 8, 2020 3:44AM
    Enemy to many
    Friend to all
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