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Any khajiit vampires out there?

  • Skelfish
    What's terrible is there is an NPC Khajiit in the Daggerfall Covenant who is a vampire, and the only change you can see on her are red/yellow eyes. Her fur isn't pale at all and there's no other visible indication that she's a vampire.
  • Xithian
    Skelfish wrote: »
    What's terrible is there is an NPC Khajiit in the Daggerfall Covenant who is a vampire, and the only change you can see on her are red/yellow eyes. Her fur isn't pale at all and there's no other visible indication that she's a vampire.

    It would be wonderful if it worked that way for player characters. While I understand the want to show the changes, the washing out of the entire character skin is just bad. I make my khajiit solid white when I made my character, so I wasn't very aware of this until I saw this thread. (There's not an abundance of us khajiit in the Pact)

    I don't know if it's because of limitations with how they did the skins or what, but it just does not look good, especially in the gray stages for the darker furred khajiit. Kudos on not giving us a horrible skinless snarl with teeth hanging out though.
  • poodlemasterb16_ESO
    No. Oh well I have a Dunmer I'm grooming to vamp. No way my witch or cat will ever go that way. The Dunmer: Talisker Dunmer Sorcerer.jpg

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  • Natjur
    Vampires Khajiits look cool, Vampire Argonian........not so.
  • jircris11
    I ended up going vampire to play with it and i took screen shots.
    Here for reference is what i looked like before the vamp bite.

    Here is the first stage.




    They dont look as bad as i thought they might. I was worried about a more undead look with fur missing and stuff. So i don't mind staying a vampire. I will however, miss my nice panther look, but of well.
    yup..basicly what happened to my khajiit lol, she went from black fur to white, though it grew on me in time.

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  • AlienSlof
    Technically, it would be more likely that just the pads, nose leather, gums and inside the ears that would look pale, as that's the only skin showing on a cat. The paleness is supposed to be because the vampire is bloodless to a greater or lesser degree.

    Just as anemia doesn't change a person's hair colour.
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  • KylerF
    I notices the cheeks when in a little.
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  • uzbachchi
    Resurrecting a four-years-dead thread on vampires. Unsure if irony was intentional.
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  • dodgehopper_ESO
    The bad thing about being a Khajiit vampire is your fur turns that ashy gray... all except for your beard (possibly sideburns and such as well). It looks a little strange when some of your fur decides to go death-gray but some doesn't.
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  • Shufeltco11
    Soul Shriven
    Vampires are essentially dead, which makes the white fur make a little more sense.
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