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Update 41 and another Orsinium problem... (now it's the decorations)

I'm sure most players love the decorations that were put up for Witches, New Life, and now the Anniversary, but...
Did King Kurog (or let's face it, his mother) forget to let Orsinium know what holiday they were celebrating?

There are pumpkins all over town and there's even a New Life banner hidden in the mess around the wayshrine. It seems the inns are fine with only having one set of decorations up (but it does snow inside many of the Wrothgar inns and houses, so they may need the builders of Tumnosh Clan to get their act together). I guess it's all got something to do with the fact that U41 literally won't let Bazrag take over since the main questline is also broken?


Sorry, just trying to insert a bit of levity in here. Seriously, the decorations around Tamriel are really fun, but we really do only need one holiday at a time in Orsinium. You know how we get when we party too hard.

And here's hoping that those invisible walls blocking the Orsinium main quest progress can also be fixed before this goes live.
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