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QUESTBREAKING BUG for Orsinium storyline on PTS

Update 41 blocks progress in the entire Orsinium questline.

On the quest "The Anger of a King," players need to run the Gauntlet inside Paragon's Remembrance. During the quest, players need to activate the four pedestals around the room. The two upper pedestals are fine, but the two lower ones cannot be activated.

It seems that there are invisible walls blocking the North and South pedestals, meaning the quest cannot be completed.
The rock wall along the south side also has some odd texture artifacts, as seen in the image.

ev2pab4a7e3o.png xbglj46pbmc5.png

Since this is an Orsinium main quest, this also means the Orsinium storyline cannot be completed, which is slightly awkward considering one of the questgivers in the new dungeons is heavily involved in the Orsinium main quest.
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