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PTS Update 41 - Bug Reports for Item Sets

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Please report any issues involving item sets in this thread. In general, we prefer you to use /bug in-game but if you’d rather submit a report here, please give us as much information as possible, including screenshots and/or video if applicable. Thank you!
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  • AJTC5000
    Maybe not the best place for it but seemed like the best option (I did also use /bug in-game).

    Monolith of Storms weaponry styles are currently not showing up inside of the Outfit Styles collections tab.

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  • tonyaccount
    Can we please fix Nobility In Decay? The tooltip is still not working, and most notably the cooldown reduction from slotting Bone Tyrant abilities, is also not working.
  • DrNukenstein
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  • Tannus15
    Monolith of storms is still utter garbage. Should this be raised as a bug?
  • Entaro
    With the new Monster set Anthelmir's Construct, the player gets a 5 second cooldown reduction on the set by retrieving the Axe. Unfortunately with big enemy types it the Axe is spawned at the exact center mass of the enemy and is mostly functionally impossible to get. Not sure if it's possible to fix that or not to make it more functional against these enemies / possible to retrieve by landing at their Aoe rim or some such.

  • Aliyavana
    So the antiquity entries for the new Mythic, Torc of the Last Ayleid King, has me disappointed. They are giving the Triquetra to the Ayleids. This is disheartening since the Triquetra is a symbol created by the druids around 1E 330 and has become a symbol closely related to the Bretons. Sure, its possible that the Bretons do not have a monopoly on the symbol and it can be explained away as having multiple origins, but the Ayleids already took High Rock away from the Direnni with no Direnni Ruins in sight, now they are taking another thing away deeply rooted in High Rock? They are even phrasing it as a thing that seems to be as ancient as the royal house in Nenalata. Entries below

    Entries for the Ayleid Triquetra:

    Ugron gro-Thurmog
    Good metal, this. The Ayleids were masters of meteoric iron and crafted many fine blades from it. But I do not think this was part of a weapon. What is the significance of these interlocking rings?
    Reginus Buca
    The three-ring loop is a triquetra. It symbolizes land, sea, and sky. This one appears to be an amulet or medallion of great age, although it's missing the central stone.
    Verita Numida
    I've seen this triquetra before, in the ruins of Nenalata. It was the emblem of the royal house. This medallion might have been looted from a king's tomb when the Alessian Order razed the city.

    Edit: i meant to have placed this in the feedback thread, not the bug report thread
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  • Tyrant_Tim
    Death Dealer’s Fete
    …and Roksa the Warped
    …are in conflict with each other.

    Oftentimes when you die with stack build-up while wearing both at the same time, both sets will just stop working altogether.

    I’m unsure if this has been addressed yet, but I do remember seeing this over in the “Bugs” section of the forums and felt it would be appropriate bringing up over here.

    Here is the thread where the problem was first brought to my attention…
    Edited by Tyrant_Tim on February 9, 2024 11:51PM
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